MUU, the steakhouse that the conquest of the Port by the flesh

Had everything to go right. Had the experience, who had the management of the Tascö, in Rua do Almada, the desire to make something “iconic” in the Port and a resolution determined “to leave real memories” of the local cuisine. Opened in October 2017, the MUU Steakhouse needed little time to convert it into an obligatory stop for lovers of meat.

The space shows concern for detail. An imposing brick wall, coming from Belgium, it gives the feeling of being eating in an alley in Manchester or Dublin. Huge structures in iron take advantage of the right foot and to store 600 bottles of wine air-conditioned – there are over 40 references to the “top” available, in addition to dozens of whisky and gin.

In the restaurant MUU Steakhouse (Rua do Almada, 149A, Porto, portugal. Tel. 914 784 032) is dominated by dark tones, even in the bathrooms, causing amazement with its current suspended. The doors are heavy, the menus have a base of iron, and part of the front skin and the employees are presented with an apron of leather, the style butcher. Could be the setting for a video of rock industrial…

The management of Telmo Melo, Miguel Rizzo and Sofia Seabra has devoted himself to the maximum to the project. Led “to the extreme ” passion for detail”, drawing on your personal tastes and travel through cities such as Berlin and New York. All elements refer to the idea of force, associated with the protein that prevailed in this house, the meat.


But despite the decor put you “in the sense” who enters here, the MUU also has one side soft. A good clue is the triptych of BD created by the artist porto Rui Sousa. The comfort was a priority. Not only the physical, but also the dining experience. Contrary to the approach of the restaurants “impersonal and increasingly robotic”, here it is assumed the relaxation. When they realize that it is the first time someone, the staff may as well sit at his side, to explain the charter and the concept. Even with a full house, they discover the time for it and like to do it, there is no “big rules” to fulfill.

The creativity of the chefs João Ribeiro and Gabriel Gil applies at the beginning and the end of the meal. One of the entries, the most popular is the “Johnny’s Scotch” (€9), an egg with the composition of meats that comes with mashed shallot and jus for meat. But, there is also the cheese “Buurrata” (€8), with spinach, pickled red onion, figs and mango, in addition to “invasions in the countryside” of mushrooms and “Cod in the Country of the Wonders”, with the loin to be cooked at a low temperature and serve with mashed broad beans and lentils with chorizo (€12).

Of the flesh

The experience of the restaurant MUU Steakhouse focuses on beef, so there is only one dish vegan and a choice of fish on the menu. The pieces of meat continue to be allowed to mature in the restaurant (for now, between 25 and 75 days). Maturation makes the meat “more tender and intensifies the flavours. When you make the request, you need only make two choices: if you prefer or no meat matured and the type of cut.

If go alone can opt for the “Rib Mendinha” (300 grams/€21), Tenderloin (220 grams/€17) or by the Empty matured (250 grams/€18). More suitable for two people are the heavy weights of the menu of the MUU: the RIB EYE aged premium (500 grams/€56), Black Angus (500 grams/€44), the Costeletão matured (800 grams/€52) and the “Tomahawk” (800 grams/€62).

With the exception of the Black Angus from Australia, all other parts are of domestic production. There are several chances of side orders (all €3,50), such as chips or rosti, esparregado, or the vegetables in the oven. But follow our advice and ask for the tasty rice in the oven!

The final straight

Finish with a sweet (all $ 6). Tweak and play with the “Poker”Chocolate, presents and cake of hazelnut, cream, dark chocolate, aerochoc, mousse and chocolate icecream. More levezinha, such as a fragrance, is the “Acqua di MUU”, which is a pineapple macerated with rum and rosemary, mousse and crispy coconut, gel mint, and passion fruit. The “Nest of Goulardt” is the most fun: is it for you to break down and figure out the panna cotta lemon.

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