New fish restaurants: from The sea to the table, is to the taste of the customer

To choose the weight, in version Brunch or to take directly from the dealer market to the table, there are options for all tastes, from the traditional to the more exotic. Get to know six new fish restaurants that promise to stir the market of the restoration.

New Fish Market
Before ascending to the dining room, should the client pass through the banking of fish on the ground and choose what you want in the dish. This is the proposal of the New Fish Market, an innovative space open for a little over two weeks, which is born of the happy marriage between a fishmonger and brand New restaurants Fishmonger, already installed on the Small Field and in the Park of Nations. The idea is that the new space in Prior Velho is stocked by fresh fish from the Portuguese coast and that, if this is the intention, the client can take it home raw or ready to cook. Or eat it on the spot, comfortably and the price friendly.
Subject to what the sea delivery every day, always count with a huge variety of species, national, as the sole, the sea bream, the cantaril, cuttle fish, squid, clams, razor fish and conquilha, as well as sea bass, snowy grouper, sea bream and even roe of hake. The average meal price is around 16€ and includes a glass of wine – there are good references to the drink, dessert and coffee. The fish is baked or grilled at the time, and accompany with boiled potatoes and vegetables to steam. The individual dose is around 300 to 400 grams. The good news is that those who arrive early to the bank (open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7.00 to 12.00) you may be lucky and get a fish head. From that time, the sale of fish is exclusive to retail and restaurant customers.
The restaurant is open for lunch and serves dinner group upon reservation.

Water by the Beard
Of the previous Isco, which occupied the space now turned on the Water restaurant by the Beard, it remains only a concept dedicated to the universe the fishing and its raw material. He moved the decoration, gave a “cleaning” in the room, and was born at the end of last year, a space sober, despite the changes, it keeps the bet in the fish and seafood fresh and also to include in the letter some of the options of meat. Spent, in the main, a restaurant of fish to another fish restaurant and brought the first home a few dishes, such as the Taco of Fried Fish (€10) and the Mussel of the Indies – because the team that wins does not move. From the sea to the Street of Almada, in the Spout, it is mandatory to pass the fork by the ceviche of salmon, pomfret, and mashed sweet potatoes (€9), the Rice D’oro, one of the ex-libris of the house which consists of a risotto creamy shrimp and saffron (€14) and the grilled octopus with cream of chickpeas with lemon (€14). In that the flesh is concerned, there are two suggestions for can’t-miss: the sandwiches of neck with mustard (€5), to follow up with an imperial quite chilly, and the pork cheek with mashed sweet potato and clam (€14). At lunch, there is a special menu for €11, which includes soup, side dish and coffee.

Has the configuration of a brasserie classic, with a counter flowing and high-chairs. It is open from the beginning of the year and brings a novelty: here there are no tables and the letter is not in a single dish of meat. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the Peixola is the first (and only) restaurant on the shaft Chiado – Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon, betting on a menu exclusively devoted to the fish. The single nail as possible is the tuna (€15) and the pica pau (€10). In addition, there are peruvian ceviche with red onion and avocado (€11), tacos of shrimp and cod (from €6) and, in a perspective more traditional, bacalhau à minhota (€16) and fish fillets-cock with mashed wasabi (€14,5).
To drink, the cocktails based on rum they occupy a large part of the list, where there are many good references of white wine by the glass (there is only a red, a rosé and a sparkling wine). At the end of the week the room is lively with a Dj set occasional.

What is the probability of a restaurant in Matosinhos do not serve fresh fish? Little or no, will tell the reader. Since the restaurant Ruga’s, in Rua de S. Sebastião, not wanted to leave the evil of the land that saw the birth but also did not want to embark on the wave of usual and be more of a in the range (huge) of the nearby restaurants dedicated to the flavors of the sea. Then grabbed at the raw material and decided to treat it in the traditional way, with options to Kg grilled and cooked, and in one aspect more original that you see on the suggestions of folders Italian. For a start, the classic octopus salad with green sauce (€4), clams bulhão Pato (from €10) – the garlic prawns (€4) are mandatory. Then, you can pass in to the matter seriously, choosing from a showcase of the day the copy that you want in the dish. Bream, sea bass, octopus, squid, or cod in the grill are some of the favorites of the letter that, as always, depends on what the sea decides to offer on the day. Constants are the linguine in the mediterranean (€8) and the tagliolini with prawns and clams (€9,5). Finish off with the pudding mascarpone coulis of red fruit (€3,5) or the sweet three milks (€3). In the summer, enjoy the terrace, which added 20 more seats to 30 in the interior room. Is open since February.

Fishing 25
He made his debut for nearly a year with the first restaurant in São Martinho do Porto (now with the name Fishing Final), at number 25 in the Rua Cândido dos Reis, and reached Lisbon in April of this year, precisely on the day of the Carnation Revolution. Installed in the street Pink, in Cais do Sodré, Fishing 25 brought to the city a recipe for success: fresh fish from the Portuguese coast built with the mastery of someone who knows the flavours of the sea. João Diogo Mendes and César Lourenço are the men in front of the pots and pans and, at the same time, members of Alexandre Mota, Marco Viveiros, Pedro Cleto, and Pedro Teixeira, owners of the 262 Authentic Suites, the hotel, the nearby top of the restaurant.
The sea comes to the table with a letter that varies the taste of the seasons and of the markets, always based on the sea but without forgetting, like a good beer that is the classic Nail of the Loin (€9,25) to round off the meal. Tell, always the sea you want, to find in the charter Shrimp to Guilho (€M 15.25), you See the Berlenga (€82,25/kg), only policeman grilled (€88,25/kg), or, for sharing, for the two options of “Board of Seafood”, in version Super New (€64,25) or “Super Nova Elite” (€94,25). It is recommended if the “Soup of Lobster with Roe” (€6,25), and, for two people, the “Arroz de Marisco” (€64,25) and the “Arroz de Lavagante” (€76,25). The charter of desserts is also wide and local reference with three types of Bread-cake: a traditional cinnamon and chocolate.
During the summer, surprise yourself with an original Brunch of Seafood (€41,25), served from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12h00 to 15h00, where you will find besides the traditional toasted bread with butter, a selection of cold meats and cheeses and salads to go enjoying with calm until they got to the main dishes. To the board with barnacles, canilhas, crab, whelks, burrié, shrimp from the coast, shrimp Mozambique or crawfish, add a finely chopped buzios with shrimp, shrimp à la guillo and clams. Included are two cold drinks – water and coffee are at the discretion.

Brasserie Freedom
Seafood and fresh fish from the coast, the studs of the loin, beer estupidamente gelada, sushi and ceviche. Here there are no paper towels, the imperial with excess foam such that the force with which land on the table or the background noise, which forces to raise the tone of your voice to hold a conversation. The Brewery Liberty, installed in the renovated Tivoli Lisboa, renamed the Tivoli Liberdade Lisbon, loads to the back of the heritage of success of the former Brasserie Flo, and without leaving the praise for the Portuguese, dressed up with a new image, to redefine the concept of the typical brewery. The balcony seven meters, with high chairs of the new Brewery, Liberty invites you to a Nail in the bread (€9,50) and an imperial at the end of the day, but it is around the fish and fresh seafood from the coast, which are the specialties of the house, that do not forget the sushi (from €8) and the ceviche of salmon, tuna and white fish (€18) in the offer. As good brewery does not forget the mariscadas (from €65), and the classic fish Fillets-cock with rice, tomato malandrinho and Rice, grouper with shrimp (€29). Finish off with the Duo of lisbon’s rice pudding and custard(€8,80), an invention of the house.

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