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New map winter Class Crust

Practical info

Class croute

Rue de Berri
75008 Paris 8

3,30 euros (The cookie giant)

5 euros (The wacky)

8,40 euros (The Confident)

Available in all restaurants Class Crust on the spot or to take away

Class Crust helps us cope with the cold by offering 6 new original recipes to his / her card winter. Parmentier of duck, broth of vegetables and pasta, or chicken sandwich… lunch breaks are under the sign of comfort.

Class Crust adds 6 new recipes on its menu for the winter which promise to warm you up.

  • The Confident (8,40€)
    Parmentier of duck with potato and sweet potato
  • The wacky (5€)
    Baguette, chicken fillet, smoked over beech wood treated processed meat, coleslaw, and nuts, and chervil fresh
  • The Refined (7,40€)
    Broth with vegetables, pasta, chicken fillet, smoked over beech wood and pesto
  • The Rebel (6,70€)
    Salad of grains with parsnips and butternut squash, hard-boiled egg, bacon, and hazelnuts
  • The cookie giant (3,30€)
    With chocolate chips and brown sugar
  • The duo of foams (3,20€)
    Foam pistachio and mascarpone, chocolate sauce and toasted hazelnuts

Has consumption on the premises, in one of the many restaurants Class Snack or to take away, the lunch break becomes warm !
The prices given are on-site or take-away, but not delivered !

Practical Info
Class Croute
6 new recipes available in the restaurants Class Crust