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North: welcome to the brave world of nails!

Two slices of bread wrapped in melted cheese and stuffed with multiple layers of meat, sausage, sausage, fresh, cold meat and steak beef. To accompany the sauce, with countless recipes, almost always “well-kept secrets,” but always with a base of tomato, beer and chilli. Welcome to the brave world of nails and at the age of six restaurants in the North that they claim “the best in the country”

The Buffet Stage
The francesinha from the Buffet pass are awarded, which explains the demand and the long queues to the door at some times. If you do not want to waste time, to arrive early, occupy one of the five available tables and let yourself be seduced by the formula created by José Pinto there are already 30 years old. Sauce on point, fresh meat and tasty cheese melted in the balance that the gods consider to be ideal are just some of the tricks used in the kitchen. Fries, francesinha and drink cost €12.
Rua Santa Catarina, 1147, Port. Tel. 222 052 118

Brewery Alicarius
The charter of the sought after Brewery Alicarius, in Aveiro, is divided into two categories: francesinha (considered the best in the city), and snacks and the company, with the highlight for the dogs with sauce francesinha (€7,70), rissoles, croquettes and samosas (€1). Tell still with a good selection of craft beers.
Rua Jorge Lencastre, 80, Aveiro. Tel. 234 386 490

Snack Bar Offline
Between the nail in the bread, the typical francesinha (€9) and the snacks varied, it is difficult to decide. Not giving to go to everything, the dish ex-
-libris of the North is the right choice at the Snack Bar Offline. “Normal” or meat of the loin, spicy q. B. Has only the disadvantage of the obligatory fries have to be ordered and paid for the part. So that nothing is lacking, the gravy boat is filled several time throughout the meal.
Rua Padua Correia, 273, Vila Nova de Gaia. Tel. 223 758 344

Capital – Sandwiches of suckling pig
When opened, there’s one thing a year and a half, the Capital – Sandwiches of suckling pig I had as a goal to dedicate himself to sandwiches from leitão da Bairrada. Thus it was until the piglet began to reach the other regional dishes, and in an instant the francesinhas have also been piglet (€7), as well as the sausages and the burgers. There’s always cold beer to accompany, but the full experience requires the ask for a flute of sparkling wine – that’s the way we eat (and drink) the piglet.
Praça José Régio, 137, Vila do Conde. Tel. 910 460 113

Restaurant Cardoso
In Vila Real, outside of the traditional circuit of the plate ex-libris ” of Porto, the Restaurant Cardoso, known by the kitchen dedicated to the tastes of the region, “hides” discreetly in the menu, one of the francesinha the most memorable of the North of the country. Who says the chef Vítor Matos: “It’s the restaurant where if you eat one of the best francesinhas in Portugal, and that I don’t have doubts. The big secret is in the sauce, which is made with a recipe that has remained since its opening.”
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 42, Vila Real. Tel. 259 325 329

Tasca do Carregal
It lies outside the urban perimeter but close enough to make worth the travel. If not by the green of the surrounding landscape, so by the varied list that is in the Tavern of Carregal. There is francesinha (€7,50), neck roast (€5,50), dumplings of cod (€0.80) and ” the friar. Other good options, that never fall ill in this house, are the pie of sausage and the fried chicken. Many of the products are from this house to rural manor house dating from the NINETEENTH century and managed by the same family until the present day.
Avenida do Carregal, 162, Braga. Tel. 933 519 915

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