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Of Sines to Zambujeira do Mar: where to eat in costa alentejana

Of the locality of Sines to Zambujeira do Mar are little more than 57 miles away. Sometimes next to the ocean, always the salty air present, it is a simple way to go through, which invites to frequent stops, beaches, sandy almost infinite. It is also a path that is rich in gastronomy with the true refuges, good food, traditional dishes and recipes full of authentic flavours. Hit the road, enjoy the warmth and rediscover this area of the country with the suggestions of Good Bed Good Table, and the reason why the pacific rim is increasingly in fashion.

Art and Salt
Even in front of the Beach of São Torpes, Sines, with direct view to the sea, has a terrace that invites you to lunch, time consuming. Inside, an exquisite environment, but with a light décor, which jumps out at the huge wine cellar. With a strong focus in the area petisqueira, ideal on hot days, the menu of the Arte & Sal restaurant specialises in fresh fish from the coast, which here is built in the grid. Apart from the daily suggestions, you can count on masada fish, as well as some meat dishes, especially the kebab loin in stick of laurel. Finish off with handmade ice creams made in house. Average price: €20.
Beach Morgavel, São Torpes. Tel. 269 869 125

Adega de Sines
It is right in the middle of Sines, and the table goes even the smell of the sea. It is a small tasquinha of the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, even in front of the castle, impossible to pass discrete, due to the unmistakable wooden doors that mark the houses. But there are other smells in the air, barely passes by the port, such as the curry and the swag, which refer to other stops, and even the meat of alentejo, the fresh grilled fish by hand skillful or done in the pan, as is the tradition. But don’t expect a menu, always the same. Every day she changes, in the Cellar of Sines, the flavour of the markets and cultures and, above all, to the sea generously offers. Average price: €20.
Rua Gago Coutinho, 3A, Sines. Tel. 269 632 595

Trinca Espinhas
It is located almost on the sandy beach of São Torpes, in a wooden building painted blue. The decoration, it is not an exaggeration to insist on, is a kind of extension of the ocean, as well as the letter, where you can find the freshest fish at the auction they are coming. With so much freshness, it is natural that the specialties are many, starting in the streak d alhada with sweet potato, passing by the cataplana to Crack Bones or by the octopus rice. You might want to say that the ceremony is little and that to the table, at the restaurant, The restaurant Trinca Espinhas, the food comes in pots, as in a private house. For dessert, try the essential sweet orange. Average price: €20.
The beach of São Torpes. Tel. 269 636 379

Marquis Brewery and Restaurant
Since 1995, the wager is in fish and seafood from the Alentejo Coast. All proposals are inspired by the roots of the spices traditional. I suggest the bean and Whelk stew and rice only policeman with clams, which points to be the sea, the main provider of the house. Consider to stay by the snacks, after all, one of the business cards of the Marquis Brewery and Restaurant. With the nursery itself, the freshness is guaranteed. The specialty of the house is recommended, a mixed cuttlefish and stingray, and accompanied with rice cockle, or sea, depending on the markets. PM: €30.
Largo Marquês de Pombal, 10, Porto Covo. Tel. 269 905 036

Tasca do Xico
The location could not be better, whether in that view says respect, either to the proximity of the sea and the fresh fish. Explain: the restaurant Tasca do Xico is right next to the fishing port of Porto Covo, and from the terrace you can see the boats arrive loaded with fresh products which are then treated with experienced hand. The grid is the best option, being that the stew or the various proposals of rice are also option to take into account. Do not forget the Alentejo, with the offer of cutlets of veal or lamb, or the meat of black pork alentejano grilled on the grill. Average price: €20.
Rua Cândido da Silva, 55, Porto Covo. Tel. 962 284 363

Alentejo Coast
Fish and seafood are the strong point. Daniel, son of D. Glory, the Herdade do Sardanito Front, ensures the quality of the products and the sympathy you receive. You can experience what the sea offers, such as the rice and the cataplana monkfish, bread eggs, sea rice, or opt for the loaf of beef, costeletão of veal or pork. The menu of the seafood restaurant in the Alentejo Coast offers other new features, such as the meat matured and the scallops with honey. Be sure to try the famous pie of locust bean gum with a filling of orange or lemon. Average price: €30.
Rua João Pedro da Costa, 15, Zambujeira do Mar. Tel. 283 961 508

The Barge Tranquitanas
The perfect experience is to sit on the terrace, ask each barnacles, a whelk or a razor clam, and watch the fall of the sun. The space is fairly informal, as if a beach bar if it were. “The short trip between the sea craft and the dish repeated since 1974” is the motto of this house, which is justified by the proximity of the small fishing port. The influence of the sea is present in every detail of the restaurant The Barge Tranquitanas, and even more in supply of snacks and main dishes. The taste of each one, the letter suggests feijoada whelk, cuttlefish à alentejana, in which the traditional beef is replaced by shellfish and fillets of pomfret with rice and tomato. Average price: €30.
Estrada da Barca, Zambujeira do Mar. Tel. 283 961 186

Porto das Barcas
The blue sea of the Costa Vicentina inspires in any season, even on colder days the fireplace in the bar is a soothing experience. Inspiring is also the showcase of fresh fish and seafood, which turns out to control the daily offering. There are, however, dishes are fixed in the restaurant Porto das Barcas, as the gambas à Brás, the spaghetti of the sea with clam and shrimp and the octopus of the coast in the frying pan with sweet potato of the Knight. The relaxing and contemplative, the terrace is unbeatable in the warmer months. A good wine cellar. Average price: €30.
Canal road, Vila Nova de Milfontes. Tel. 283 997 160

The Bags
It is a classic. But this does not give you eternity, yet few are those who visit Zambujeira do Mar without here to do a stop. Book a table, because it has a lot of demand, even more in the warm months. You can just go grab a small crab and drink a beer in a rustic wooden terrace looking at the sea. But it is worth to prepare for lunch or dinner at the restaurant, The Bags a stew of cuttlefish, a bean and whelk stew, a streak of coriander or a monkfish rice. The variety depends on what the sea offer to the fishermen that day. The pie carob closes the meal in perfection. Average price: €30.
Entrada da Barca, Zambujeira do Mar. Tel. 283 961 151

Tasca do Celso
The wine cellar, with more than a thousand references, the overwhelming majority of the Alentejo, is impressive and confirms that this is a space that has learned how to combine good food with an excellent value wine. The cuisine is this, and who here sits thanks. Despite the name, the restaurant has a bit of the tavern. To poke at Tasca do Celso there is octopus salad, giant shrimp grilled, carabineros and cockles, among other options. The fish and the fresh seafood that arrives every morning give birth to the dishes of the day, such as cataplana or masada fish. The day before, prepare one of the dishes most sought after: the ” shrimp açorda. At the end of the week there is music. Average price: €30.
The street of Airmen, 39, Vila Nova de Milfontes. Tel. 283 996 753

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