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On cold days, my brunch has vodka

By 25 February there is news for lovers of brunch. The concept is called the Bottomless Brunch and the challenge is to let go of the hot drinks and accompany this meal with cocktails… vodka!

In the restaurant-bar Vestigius, in Lisbon, and in the restaurants Zenith and The Flaviis, in the Port, you can try out this novelty on Saturdays and Sundays.

The initiative is of Stolichnaya Premium Vodka and promises to surprise with Stoli Mules, Stoli Bloody Mary and Stoli Screwdrivers. This concept was born in Manhattan, in the United States, and have traveled various countries of the world. Take advantage of the opportunity and risk in a different experience.

On the first weekend (5 and 6 February) this initiative, the team of Good Bed Good Table, accepted the challenge, and prove to the Bottomless Brunch at the restaurant-bar Vestigius (Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Cais do Sodré, Lisbon. Tel. 218 203 320).

The menu suggests two menus. The first one (€20) combines bread, jam, and cream cheese with a reduction of balsamic vinegar, eggs, with slivers of salmon cured, crepe with chocolate sauce, yogurt with granola, a cocktail of champagne, a hot drink and much more. Already in the second (€16,50) is bread, butter, jam, sliced cheese, eggs, bacon, yoghurt with granola and a hot drink. For an additional $ 7, the cocktail of vodka elected to each end of the week is served in the regime open bar during the entire meal. The next brunch (10 and 11 February) is harmonised with the Stoli Bloody Mary and, in the days 19 and 20, count with the Stoli Screwdrivers.

Already at the Port, in the restaurants Zenith Brunch & Cocktail Bar (Praça de Carlos Alberto, 86, Porto, portugal. Tel. 220 171 557) and The Flaviis Brunch & Restaurant (Rua de Cedofeita, 12, Port. Tel. 222 080 074), the regime is another. With a minimum consumption of $ 10 on brunch, you can try one of the cocktails of vodka. If you stay with curiosity, for €5, you can prove the other two suggestions of the Bottomless Brunch of Stolichnaya.

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