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Organic Caffe: Flavors light to celebrate the spring

Located in the building of the Estoril Wellness Center, which includes a space of the renowned brand, Banyan Tree, and the two steps of the aristocratic Palacio Estoril Hotel, Golf & Spa, the Organic Caffe (Tel. 910 787 656) bet in the provision of a power in relation to health. That is, bet dishes without gluten, dairy, sugars and sweeteners, as well as on the certainty of this being “the only organic restaurant, 100% free of gluten and dairy, in Portugal”.

It is in this context that emerged for these days a menu renewed, which gives the welcome to the spring/summer, and brings together the best products of the season in different creations signed by the naturopath Mariana Pessanha.

Among the novelties are the Chicken with sweet potato, turmeric and green leaves (€12,90), the Fillets brown rice tomato (€12,90), the Cod to the Organic, with the chips of the faithful friend involved in the spinach, walnuts and honey, on a bed of mashed cauliflower (€13) and the chicken Curry with vegetables, salad and brown rice (€12,90). In the vegetarian options include the roasted Vegetables with quinoa and different sauces (€9,90), the Potato in the Organic (€8,90) and the Rice Chao Chao (€9,90).

The charter of salads also presents new suggestions as the Salad crunchy with green leaves, walnuts, caramelized, broccoli, quinoa, radish and apple (€8,50) and the Salad Low Carb, with green leaves, walnuts, caramelized, beet, carrot and guacamole (€8,50).

Lovers of tapioca can still count with new fillings such as Chicken and mushrooms (€12,90), and Lentils and mushrooms (€8,90), both served with a sauce to choose from, the Tapioca Vegan, with guacamole and vegetables that are in season (€8,90), and even the Tapioca Vegetarian, with scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomato (€9,50).

And, for those who want to finish the meal in the best way, nothing like experiencing the Tapioca sweet (€5), apple Pie (€4,90), the applesauce warm with cinnamon (€3,20), or the Delight of chocolate (€4,90).

The Organic Caffe is a restaurant that believes in organic food, free of gluten, dairy, sugars, sweeteners, pesticides, hormones, dyes, preservatives and seasonings are processed. In Organic Caffe is a bet on foods rich in nutritional value such as fruits and vegetables, good sources of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

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