Ostradomus: Oysters and sparkling on the edge of Sado

Almost can use the popular saying, and to assert that in the restaurant Ostradomus, in Setúbal, there are oysters to suit all tastes and sizes. And, in fact, the kitchen of this space, all days are made the combinations more improbable, as if a laboratory if it were, always with the clear intention of extolling this product as well as its harmonisation with champagne or sparkling wine, always with surprising results, and well made.

One of these days, the proposal passed by joining, in the same tasting of the restaurant Ostradomus, the Oysters of Setúbal and the Strawberries of Palmela. It was just one day, but serves as an example for the creative capacity of the space. Opened on 27 July 2002, with another name, you want to, since the very first time, be a restaurant with an offer different from the traditional, with a look more innovative about the Portuguese gastronomy, without ever losing respect for knowledge in previous generations, and the regional cuisine they deserve. And, if the Oysters of Setúbal have always been at the center of the work in this restaurant, it is also true that they were and are well accompanied by another: to recover, strengthen, and encourage, the consumption of Champagne, Sparkling wine , and Cava, which always appear as the first suggestions of the house when it comes to harmonize any meal.

The letter from the restaurant Ostradomus begins with “Oysters-Current (€10), or “Oyster Special” (€12,50), always natural, and in doses of six. Then, on the prepared, there is “Al Ajillo”with garlic and olive oil, and “Black Pearl”, with balsamic vinegar (€12). The proposals are more daring go through to join the“Ginger and Lime”, “Passion fruit and lime” and “Gratin with Sleeve” or “Gratin with Sparkling” (€14). There is still, in the end, “Tempura of Oysters with Lemon Sorbet” (€21).

In what remains of the letter, the restaurant Ostradomus features dishes such as “Grilled prawns with coconut rice” (€17), “Lobster gratin with champagne” (€37), a “fish fillets au gratin” (€15) or a “Secret of black pork alentejano grilled” (€18). The option of snacks, the letter will adding the proposed seasonal, but there’s always a “Mackerel Setúbal pickled with panduri and vinaigrette Mango” (€6,50), “Languages of cod albardadas” (€8), or “Mace baked with pork sausage black” (€5,50).

Express offers tab “To the Table with the Wines of the Setúbal Peninsula” by Boa cama Boa Mesa

This Saturday, August 12, the Express offers all readers of the guide “at The Table with the Wines of the Setúbal Peninsula” by Boa cama Boa Mesa”. This guide, distributed free of charge, offers 20 restaurants (10 in the district of Setubal, and 10 in the district of Lisbon), with better presence of the wines of the Setúbal Peninsula, in the respective cards. Each restaurant was assigned a wine from a producer in this region, as well as a recipe.

In the guide there is still suggestions of a wine tour. “At the Table with the Wines of the Setúbal Peninsula” is the result of a partnership with the comissão Vitivinícola Regional da Península de Setúbal, who led the team of the Guide Good Bed Good Table to assess the presence of the wines of this region in the letters of the restaurants in the districts of Setúbal and Lisbon. To this end, we elaborate the criteria of evaluation and appreciation, since the amount of references available through the service, passing also by the advice and harmonization proposals on the basis of the suggested dishes. It was, of course, also considered the prominence given to the Moscatel of Setúbal, one of the hallmarks of the region, with recognition both in Portugal and beyond its borders.

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