Otto – Pizza Al Mercato: A pizzeria that surprising…

The renovation of the Ribeira Market is right gave new life to the Cais do Sodré. There are already three years old and, since then, the area extended from nocturnal activity to gastronomy, with the emergence of new restaurants, bars and petiscarias on the perimeter. In the nearby praça Dom Luís I, the kiosk with a terrace, it seemed that something was missing and the corner of the 8 Building, fresh restore, had the potential to be much more than just a handsome building.

The Group Doca de Santo, who is a veteran in the wanderings of the good table, and the owner of brands such as the Capricciosa, and the Popolo, he knew how to recognize the potential of the space and just transform the ground floor of the building dedicated to a pizzeria fine, Otto. That’s right, a restaurant’s pizzas (is gearbox said so, but we’ll get to that) where finally it is possible to go for a drink at the end of the day and go staying for the dinner.

As a team that wins does not move, the long curriculum of the group in the management of wood-fired ovens and in the art of Italian pizza allowed us to create a menu out of the box that the board, in equal doses, the obvious of a pizzeria (pizzas, foccacias and carpaccio) with traditional Italian dishes more elaborate where, for example, the masses are in the absolute minority. There are only two, the Carbonara (€11,50) and the Linguine with clams (€13,50, leaving space for other classics of the mediterranean as the Risotto of squid (€13,50) or green Asparagus and Parma ham (€ 12,50). But truth be told, at the Otto – Pizza Al Mercato (Building 8 Building, Praça D. Luis I, 34, Shop 9 , Lisbon. Tel. 210 499 710) the big star of the Primi (main dishes) are two and indisputable: the Entrecote with grilled pâté truffle (€18) and, the big favorite, the Octopus roast with mashed sweet potatoes (€13,50).

The number eight (otto) it is not by chance , and explains the fact that there are in the letter eight starters and salads, eight traditional pizzas and eight special, eight main courses and eight desserts. The port number, eight, may have served as inspiration to the menu, but the owners of the house prefer to refer to the symbolism of the number universally regarded as the symbol of the infinite. This means that the Group Doca de Santo is not going to be here at the opening of new restaurants in the city? Maybe, but for now it is to the back of the pizzeria Otto , concentrated efforts and dedication.

Inside it is possible to choose between the two environments, according to the intention. Meals more modest request removal of the huge wood-burning oven and tables with a bank run, where it is possible to see everything happening in the kitchen and take a look at the selection of products used in the cooking of the dishes (where possible organic) and which are arranged in the room in the shape of a small grocery store. On the other hand, with a view over the terrace, the atmosphere is more intimate and the view extends to the square – one does not see the river just because the train line does not leave.

Contrary to all that is known about Italian cuisine and what could be a risky decision, taking into account the limited margin trading the traditional recipes of the country stops for interpretation free, in Otto the meals have the option of being harmonised with cocktails and fresh fruit juices. Of course there’s wine, sangria and lambrusco with plenty, but in a perspective more healthy, there is a section dedicated to vitamins: energizing and detox. In desserts, as an alternative to the classic Tiramisú (€5), the Thousand-sheets of salted caramel and ice cream pastel de nata (€6,50) is mandatory.

For now, the Otto – Pizza Al Mercato will be the single tenant of the corner of the garden, but it has already heard a buzz in the sense of the 8 Building power to come to be a hub for other areas of the restoration. There is an interior courtyard in the building that seems to have been done as a beer share, but do not confirm nor disclaim. We hope to see…

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