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Out to sea: An ocean of perdition, with dinner on the ground and lunch on board

Still for many an illustrious unknown, in a region sprinkled with restaurants, events, the View and its chief, John Oliveira, have been making a safe path and with ever greater personality. Located in the Bela Vista Hotel & SPA (Av. Tomás Cabreira, Praia da Rocha, Portimão. Tel. 282 460 280), a beautiful mansion on top of one of the cliffs of Praia da Rocha, in Portimão, the View Restaurant started in 2015, from the organization of the Amuse Bouche , a (almost) cross, in the name of sustainability of the Portuguese sea, giving highlight and spotlight the fish and shellfish less known to the public. With the invaluable support of Pedro Bastos and Nutrifresco , and with the participation of many heads of the top of the national gastronomy, the event Into the Sea has already reached its third edition, while maintaining the ambition and the goals.

With increased responsibility, since the Vista Restaurant won in 2017, for the first time, a Golden Fork, which is assigned by the Guide ” Boa cama Boa Mesa, the third edition of the event, the Sea promises two great and memorable gastronomic moments.

After the sashimi taínha, in 2015, and today they sell for (clam) in 2016, this year the species as sarrajão (or mackerel), oysters, flat, and lily promise to compete for the attention of cooks and diners. So, this evening (Friday, 13 October), the chief John Oliveira invites you to your kitchen Vítor Matos, the restaurant Antiqvvm, in Porto, and Luís Gaspar, responsible for the restaurant Cutting Room, in Lisbon. For now, just know that the dinner menu will integrate horse mackerel negrão, lily of the Azores and pomfret, with some of these fish are on the display of the event that precedes the cocktail is scheduled for 19h30.

On Saturday, the event leaves the comfort of the restaurant, and John Oliveira, will have at his side the technique and creativity of the chefs Vasco Coelho Santos, space Euskalduna Studio, in Porto, James, Cute, Largo do Paço – Casa da Calçada, in Amarante. But, for that the experience is even more intense and unique, the lunch will be served in a… fishing boat! The menu will include fish such as taínha and merma (from the family of the tunas), and molluscs such as the giant squid in the Azores. Before this dining experience, harmonized with the organic wine from Niepoort, strengthens the message of the event Into the Sea: “Alert to the need to practice a consumption varied and thoughtful of marine resources, promote sustainability and honor the Portuguese sea”.

Each dining experience has the value of €185 (wines included) and is limited to 34 people. Booking (if it is go-time) must be made by phone 282 460 280 or e-mail restaurante@hotel-belavista.com.

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