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Fish and seafood to eat watching the sea

The bathing season has not yet opened but that does not stop if you start to feel that need almost vital to be near the sea. The time is not yet for baths? Not. But it does not hurt, a nice terrace facing the Atlantic, a good meal of fish and seafood, a couple of imperial stupidly cold and is Read more

Restaurant 5 Senses: Cascais for the Carvalhal

The connection between Cascais and the areas of Comporta and Carvalhal is not new. But, the passing of the years does not prevent new passions and moments of discovery. This is what happened recently with the team of the restaurant 5 Senses (Broad Assumption 6, Cascais. Tel. 961 571 194).

As there are no coincidences, in Carvalhal, a closed space waiting for a new life and, almost as in a fairy tale, the old Central Village (the architecture of the building does not pass unnoticed to anyone who travels by Carvalhal) was reborn as an extension of the well-known restaurant in Cascais, open since 2009.

“Wake up all the senses of those around here goes is, as the name indicates, the goal it proposes the ‘new’ 5 Senses’, are pleased to announce the leaders of the project, which in Carvalhal is in the hands of Isabel Pinheiro. More than a restaurant, the 5 Senses Carvalhal is a multi-purpose space, with a small shop and reading area, the terrace (one of which is protected and covered to eat and/or drink a glass or a coffee), a dining room, where stand out the paintings of J. Nuno Barbosa. And, on the top floor, a bar, with an inviting balcony, which promises to warm evenings in this area of the alentejo coast. We will return to the bar, more at the end of this text, to give an account of the inauguration party scheduled for this Friday, April 27th.

Before, have a look at the menu, which is a continuation of proposals already existing in Cascais, although duly influenced by the flavours and products of this region that joins the sea, the river and the land. We are, therefore, faced with what, generally, is defined as mediterranean cuisine, characterized by dishes of Portuguese base, with salads, risottos, but that also accommodates some flavors more exotic, such as Risotto and curry, with grilled shrimp (€16,95), or the Fillet of bream with coconut rice and spicy prawn (€16,50).

The space is nice, with a bar and a kitchen (almost) in sight, bright colors and fresh, as the call for the summer, because the spring seems to not want to stop for these sides. The informality of the space, therefore, allows stops between the shuttle to the beach, for a salad or a sharing of entries. Proves, by this, the pâté of mussels, the sausage and the cheese of the cover that already show the influence of the surroundings, and then bet on a dose of Mussel in a half shell cebolada (€9,50) well worked and refined and that is well worth the fame existing in Cascais. In the entries, the classic Clams ” bulhão Pato (€15,85) and the Prawns “à la guilho” (€13,50) are good options. For those who prefer to make a stop more light, the card of the restaurant offers four salads, one of which is vegetarian: 5 Senses; Romance, salty air and Scandinavian (from €9,20 €10,80).

One of the big bets of the restaurant 5 Senses Carvalhal are the risottos, with a hand full of options, including two vegetarians, asparagus and coriander, and mushrooms. The first approach, with success, was done with the Risotto and the curry, with grilled shrimp. The crustacean arrived in good shape and on point, but the rice, in spite of the brightness of the curry, came already with a little creaminess. By prove, were the risotto and cod with spinach and shrimp (€14,80) , and octopus with clams and crumble bacon. In fish, a reference to the traditional Octopus baked in the oven with crushed sweet potato (€16,50) and the Feijoada of octopus with shrimp (€15,90), while in meat reinforces the connection to the Alentejo, with dishes such as Leg of lamb, milk with rice smoked (€16,80), and the Iberian Pig cooked at low temperature with clams (€15,80), served on a tenderloin generous, but unfortunately assisted by fries (frozen!?). The Medallion of Angus (€18,50), with sauce to choose from, it is always a safe option. Throughout the week you can also count on the suggestions of the day, which include soup, a dish of fish and another of meat. Enjoy the passage to taste some wines of the Setúbal Peninsula, including the Estate of the Gambia and the Fifth in the Pilot.

As promised please register if, in the end, the great feast of the opening of the bar of the 5 Senses Carvalhal, on the first floor of this building, with panoramic views and many cocktails, which promises to animate the nights of the village throughout the summer. And, nothing better to start (the party starts at 22: 00 hours, this Friday, the 27th of April) with live music by trio international , Dave Lamb & Scuta Blues. “Come on wake up all the senses”, reads the invitation.

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