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Sample wines and snacks of the new “Dona Laura”

It is certain and known that Joaquim de Almeida, the man behind the pots and pans from the restaurant Dom Joaquim in Evora, is restless. Just watch, any day that passes the so frantic with that moves from the kitchen to the living room, in a minute to find an unbeatable Soup of Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Palitão

It is a big surprise entering in this restaurant, in a building relatively modern, and find that the decoration is radically opposed to that of the building where it is located. Inside the door, there’s authenticity and rustic, which refers the client to an environment of a small and cozy village. Read more

The taverns of the heads: the suggestions of Alexandre Silva

In the guide “Bars and Snacks” was released in November 2017, the Good Bed Good Table , and challenged some of the best chefs, the Portuguese, and to reveal their favourite places for a drink and a snack.

Each chief was asked to suggest three taverns/restaurants, and to explain briefly Read more

Petz Bar: secret beirão in Cabanas de Viriato

In Cabanas de Viriato, about 50 Km from Viseu, lies a restaurant whose name modernaço leaves no guess the compliment to the traditional cuisine of the beira region there.

“Who ate the flesh that you carve out the bones” is always heard, and so arrive at the table the bones of aswan Read more

Local restaurant: when less is (much) more

If there are cases in which less is more, the on-Site restaurant, recently opened in the zone of Príncipe Real, in Lisbon, is proof proved that this maximum is even true. When nearly all recovery think at scale, and a few restaurants there that even moving from their place to serve more Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Casa Mattos

The restaurant Casa Mattos, in the county of Estarreja, it is, by love and devotion, a great ambassador of the culture enogastronómica of the region of Aveiro.

Much has been made of the products of the sea, the lagoon and rural areas, including the Bairrada as an area to promote in to the Read more

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