United States and worldwide cafe review

The canteen of the College: in the Azores, the “Nut pierced his peak” and the “Chicharro danced samba”

Opened in Ponta Delgada a new restaurant with a kitchen signature. The old “Beehive” was fully refurbished in January 2018. Has the name of the Canteen, because if you enter in the Hotel College, also the subject of major renovation, which reinforced the concept of boutique hotel. Read more

Shad: Celebrate the season in the Vila Franca de Xira

March is the month of the Shad in Vila Franca de Xira. Throughout the county, 27 restaurants feature a dish made with this fish river which is also an emblem of the region bathed by the Tagus river.

The gastronomic festival March, the Month of the Shad honors and remembers living in Read more

Antiqvvm: the wonderful world of Vítor Matos

Moved to a location symbolic, the old Solar do Vinho do Porto. And gives the idea that, as in the case of the nectars valuable here if promoted, also the chef Vítor Matos will finding each year new ways to transcend. A long time ago that are no longer “only” the gardens, the Read more

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