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Petz Bar: secret beirão in Cabanas de Viriato

In Cabanas de Viriato, about 50 Km from Viseu, lies a restaurant whose name modernaço leaves no guess the compliment to the traditional cuisine of the beira region there.

“Who ate the flesh that you carve out the bones” is always heard, and so arrive at the table the bones of aswan Read more

Local restaurant: when less is (much) more

If there are cases in which less is more, the on-Site restaurant, recently opened in the zone of Príncipe Real, in Lisbon, is proof proved that this maximum is even true. When nearly all recovery think at scale, and a few restaurants there that even moving from their place to serve more Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Casa Mattos

The restaurant Casa Mattos, in the county of Estarreja, it is, by love and devotion, a great ambassador of the culture enogastronómica of the region of Aveiro.

Much has been made of the products of the sea, the lagoon and rural areas, including the Bairrada as an area to promote in to the Read more

Five restaurants healthy to start the year well

Let’s be honest: by this time they throw the filhoses by the eyes. We started, now approaching the tipping point for the next year, the organizing resolutions and make accounts to the amount amazing fried that we were able to digest in the last week. The Christmas candy are both good as the Read more

Gourmet Experience: the new stars of Lisbon

Any conversation that begins with a sentence like this: three Portuguese, two spaniards and a mexican are on the top floor of a building, would be taken, usually as a joke. But not in this case. It is a serious matter, so serious that well made to the accounts gives as a result, Read more

10 restaurants (new ones) to meet in 2018

It is certain that do not stop arise news of new restaurants opening on every corner, as it is also true that the speed with which others close doors is equally stunning. 2018 promises to be a good year for the national gastronomy, with greater attention the chefs paid to local raw materials, local Read more

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