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Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon: all the pleasures of the flesh!

The surprise is general, when the table comes in the stunning “Tomahawk ribeye steak”, a piece with a cut differently, with fat intermuscular and with maturity to 28 days, with about a kilo (€55) and the proper accompaniments. The flesh, with a flavor pronounced and not very intense, is Read more

Brunch Clandestine: three friends and a good idea

In an old building in the centre of Lisbon that you can’t say where it is, three friends that you can’t say who they are, one day, had an idea. They were in pajamas in the living room, on a to be absolutely normal, when one of the elements jumped off of the sofa – they say that esbracejou Read more

The Port to the table 10 traditional restaurants

The Good Bed Good Table makes the tour of the ten sites required to discover the best of the typical cuisine of the city of Porto (and a few more for snack) that they are entitled to the reputation of that the North eats well. Good appetite!

Casa Aleixo
In this house, in Read more

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