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Tasty District: are There any new flavors in the Port

The Tasty District is the new area of the restoration of the still-new business and leisure center of the city of Porto, the District Offices and Lifestyle. Opened to the public in the past day 3 of July and, on 700 m2, with 100 seats, joins nine dining options, ranging from a wine bar Read more

Mestizo: a trip to the flavours of Africa and South America without leaving Lisbon

It is said of the or the individual from parents of ethnic groups or different races.

Originally it was a term used in Brazil the colonial to identify the european citizens and the native americans with blood amerindian. It was this designation that the new restaurant Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Red

The whole philosophy of the restaurant the club is based on three essential pillars: the wine, the grill and the tapas.

Conducive to conviviality, values above all the quality of the ingredients, treated simply. The bet in the flesh matured resulted in a specialization of the kitchen staff, Read more

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