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Tavern of the Merchants: The small is great

Despite being two steps away from the large hustle and bustle of the Ribeira do Porto, the restaurant Taberna dos Mercadores, Rua dos Mercadores no. 36/38. Port. Telf. 22 201 05 10) is located in a small and discreet artery of Porto, where the flow of people is (still) contained. The Read more

The meat of the acorn of the Populi Caffé & Restaurant

There are news ready to prove at Populi Caffé & Restaurant. Two new dishes, made with veal from acorn were now included in the charter, increasing the Portuguese of the proposals with this meat. Produced by the Solar da Giesteira, was already available for domestic consumption, but only now Read more

45th parallel: pink for a day

Inserted in the heart of Lisbon, the Parallel 45 opened its doors in November, to a wine bar full of style. With an atmosphere that is trendy and comfortable is the wide palette of wines from the main Read more

Bistro & Tapas: Flavors of Macau by the hand of the one who knows you

Incorporating influences from diverse cuisines and cultures, the cuisine of the world is an exercise of fusion between even the most exotic and others more conventional.

Soup egg with sago, Rice, chau-chau, Chutney de bacalhau, Minchi with mushrooms mouse ears, Beef with peppers or the Read more

Pousadas de Portugal: Celebrate 75 years at the table

The first dish served at the time of the opening of the first Pousada de Portugal, 19 April 1942, return to the table of the current 23 units. The iconic Bacalhau dourado is just one of the specialties that promise to delight, on a menu designed to celebrate the good flavours of traditional Read more

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