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Restaurant Room Cut-off: goodbye and until a new address

It was certain and known that to eat meat matured in Lisbon, one of the destinations obvious was the number 28 from Rua da Ribeira Nova, in the restaurant Room of the Court. It was also guaranteed that knife in your hand would be Luís Gaspar, Chief Cook of the Year 2017, who led Read more

Espumantaria Snack: the new charter of the Winter with sparkling wine to accompany

To harmonize a meal with sparkling wine may very well be the big trend in dining for the next year and in the Espumantaria Snack to teach them this art, the news of the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

This story could start with an anecdote about a Portuguese and a frenchman who join the Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Tia Alice

Obligatory stop in Fatima, the restaurant Tia Alice, for decades, that is known for their Cod au gratin (normal or with shrimp). Before, take care of the decor, the linen of the household linen and the crockery hand-painted.

But, the house (that which remains virtually unchanged), has much Read more

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