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Panca – Cevicheria and Pisco Bar In Downtown Porto, with love and intuition

This is the story of a new business that already existed. How? Is even this: The Panca is the result of an idea very well thought out, crafted and executed by a pair of bosses that joined last summer to transform a kiosk of the Park of the City of Porto in a cevicheria. A year after Camilo Jaña, chilean passionate about kitchens south american and Nikkei (fusion japanese-peruvian), I wanted to give continuity to the project and just switch to Low, with the Panca – Cevicheria and Pisco Bar, now in the category of restaurant.

In the case of a chief of the chilean, it is not surprising that the menu give prominence to the ceviche, which occupies the category of “THE DNA of South America”, in letters egoistic. There are four different hints and a footnote that ensures that the milk of the tiger is done in the house.

The intersection of local ingredients with spices exotic of the world, could have the aim of fusion cuisine, but it happens so organic that’s worth more to assume that the kitchen Jaña, the have to sort, it is all love and intuition.

To the origins was to seek Peixeirada white fish, with sweet potato and corn chulpi (€9,50), Japan, the Nikkei Tuna with beetroot and spring onions (€10) and the Argentinean chimichurri and the andmpanadas of chili with beef (€6,50). The menu continues its journey by gazpacho oyster and cucumber (€7,50), the Tempura shrimp and coleslaw (€9) and the corncob with butter, miso (€6,5) and ends in Peru, with the Dulce de leche, the paçoca and the tapioca. Accompany it with pisco sour – the dessert also.

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