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Páteo das Flores: snacks and Wine in three dimensions

The former Home of the Contantinos, today transformed into Flowers Village Hotel, has a new tenant: adjacent to the hotel – who have already had the gift of arousing the curiosity of the people passing by the Street of Flowers, by the refinement that suggests the building – was born a wine bar that is also a space for treats gastronomic variety. And a surprise.

Who passes in the Street of the Flowers can be seen only a small bar, from one side, look sophisticated, and on the other, many references of national wines. But, as most of the more interesting things, spaces and people, the best is to discover, beyond what is assumed in the first instance. It is necessary to cross two rooms and resist the tempting proposals vínicas to achieve the said patio.

In the Courtyard of the Flowers, the house dedicated to at least two of the great pleasures, the wine and the snacks, not to mention design and art, the experience can be done in three different levels which are not mutually exclusive. After the dim light of the wine bar, and a room with two tables races, more intimate, we came to a room where dominates the light, the refinement and the art.

Wine & snacks

Choose the place that more you like and enjoy: Yummy snacks and dishes they ask for the company of a good glass of wine. The proposals vínicas present along the shelves, races, element in common to the first two rooms. Between champagne and sparkling, rosé, white, red, green, Madeira, and Ports, there are more than 20 wines by the glass, covering different regions and styles, with price between €4 and €15/glass. In the bottle, the space account with more than one hundred references, with the natural privilege for the Douro, but to cover the whole country and some international approaches, with prices varying between €8 and €113.

The charter of snacks and dishes, and favours the flavours of national approach to the most contemporary of the Boards of cheeses and sausages (between €16 and €18) and the Costoletão ox matured accompanied by a delicious rice and greens (€45/kg), the charter is divided between appetizers, main dishes and desserts that live in harmony.

Clams (€12) or Mussels (€8) to the steam, Sausage with greens and egg (€9,5); Surprise in pastry (€9); tuna Tartar (€9); Shrimp tempura (€9,5); Peixinhos da horta (€4,5); chicken Wings with bread panko (€7,5) included in the list of flavors they produce.

Before, a hand full of main dishes: in Addition to the Costoletão, in the flesh stands out the Magret of duck with figs (€14), and in fish there are Tiborna of cod (€15); Octopus on the grid (€14) and tuna Loin (€13).

In the desserts won by the lightness of the Pavlova with red fruit (€6) but also there are the Pão-de-ló de Ovar (€5) chocolate Mousse (€4,5) and French toast (€4).

Signature thrilled

The design and decoration of the Courtyard of the Flowers was the responsibility of Pedro Mourão who did more than think about the space: you felt it, first of all, for after the turn, adopting the intimate atmosphere and classic of an ancient courtyard with traces of contemporary, urban and a touch of irreverence.

The excitement comes from the family: the father of the decorator grew up in the House of Constantinos, which gave a special connection to the space. On the side of reason, in the third room open the mouth of astonishment by the light through the glass ceiling, plus the wall with 10 meters with signature of Third & Mots. Designed under the motto bizzarro vs classic, this was the theme given to the artists to give shape to artistic expression.

In the large living room it is difficult to define who wins the role: the ceiling glass, the nature present in plants and tables from the trunks of the trees, the Portuguese of the Portuguese sidewalk, or the imposing mural of 10 meters. It is certain that everything combines, with elegance, refinement and relaxation, as soon as they arrive at the table of snacks and wines.

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