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Petz Bar: secret beirão in Cabanas de Viriato

In Cabanas de Viriato, about 50 Km from Viseu, lies a restaurant whose name modernaço leaves no guess the compliment to the traditional cuisine of the beira region there.

“Who ate the flesh that you carve out the bones” is always heard, and so arrive at the table the bones of aswan (€3,50) cooked. The small plates with snacks will be happening between the broad beans (€3), the liver from the marinade (€3), the moelas (€2) and the feet of coriander (€2).

With the beginning of autumn, they arrive at the mushrooms, the famous rice with short ribs or steak (€15), but for those who do not venture into the wild mushrooms, are on the menu of the Petz Bar (Rua das Canadas, 1, Laceiras, Cabanas de Viriato. Tel. 232 691 451) there is always bacalhau à lagareiro (€9), octopus rice with prawns (€20 for two people), rice rib vinha d alhos (€15) or rump grilled (€8).

During the service, we hear: “Want a bit?”, but it is certain that “enough and to spare”, because the quantities are generous, as for the rest, if it imposes on the house of traditional cuisine of the beira region. The owner, Pedro Costa, is better known by Peter Laceiras and it is precisely his nickname, which eventually serve as the name of the restaurant.

With a cuisine and environment, family, wife, Paula, is responsible for the delicacies getting the position of the children of the couple with the room service and the friendly reception of clients. We recommend you book to ensure place. If you go to lunch, take advantage of the early afternoon to see the progress of the works of the Casa do Passal, the former home of Aristides de Sousa Mendes , one estimates, in 2019 will be open doors as a museum dedicated to his life of the man who saved the lives of more than 30 thousand jewish refugees during the Second World War.

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