Pharaoh: Here reigns the francesinha tuna

To some, think about a francesinha without steak of beef, ham, sausage, or chorizo may sound strange, but the francesinha tuna Restaurant Pharaoh Snack Bar Brewery, Marco de Canaveses, demonstrates that there is space for creativity. This version of the sandwich that was born in the Port is one of the three best dishes of the country.

At the end of the contest the Best Taste of Portugal to 2018, which took place June 11, at Time Out mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon, the francesinha tuna of the Pharaoh won in the category of Fish. The filling takes fresh tuna, cut into put as a steak, cheese, peppers and mushrooms – local production – grilled. Adorns it with slices of bell pepper, and shiitake fresh.

This francesinha costs €11,50 and monitors, ideally, with sweet potato fries and a cool beer. As uses fresh tuna, bought on a Thursday, is only served to the end-of-week, to maintain the quality of the ingredients. The Pharaoh does not use sauce very spicy.

The owner of the Pharaoh, António Azeredo, says that the award “is a recognition of the efforts of valuation that the house has done”. The restaurant has been around for about 25 years, there are six with this management. Renewed-if the space and the letter, adding, to the original francesinha in bolo do caco and hick.

Another novelty of the Pharaoh (Avenida Gago Coutinho, 468, Marco de Canaveses. Tel. 255405320) was the Burger of veal in bolo do caco (€4,5), with brie cheese, fried onions, bacon and garlic butter. And still the kebab of chicken, salads and pasta such as bolognese, tropical, tuna, and chicken.

In this contest, he distinguished himself still with the medallion of veal with a crust of sausage and bread, the Restaurant Monte Alegre, in the category of Meat, and the rice of the cheeks of cod with turnip greens, the Restaurant’s Star of the Millstone, of Vila Nova de Poiares, in the category of Rice.

It’s a pride to continue to boost this initiative, which year after year brings notoriety and visibility to the restaurants competitors, highlights Ana Moreira, director of Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), the promoter of the initiative. Every single vote from the public, the UFS and its partner, Rice Good Success, they did correspond to 100 grams of rice. Will be donated more than seven tons of rice to the institutions of social solidarity.

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