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Portugal vs Angola in the duels, and dining of the Bastard

Today is a day of firsts in the Restaurant Bastard, soon by dinner time, when if done for the first time this year, one of the most famous duels and dining in this space in the middle of Rossio, in downtown Lisbon. In the ring, who is to the kitchen, climb the new head of the Bastard, David John to defend the national colors, the forgiveness, the national kitchen in these battles and soon against an opponent of weight. On the other side of the stoves, and for the first time, a restaurant of cuisine from Africa accepts the challenge.

Almost if he could say: gentlemen readers, place your bets. The fighting will be fierce with the chef Paulo Soares lead the pots angolans, side-by-side with the chief resident, David John. There are eight dishes to sample, a total of four rounds, duly harmonized with the “mythical” Cuca and where you should not miss the rhythms of Angola, with the promise of a little foot dance after dinner. And because, after all, the night is in celebration of the guest country, there is still a small banking with the sale of handicrafts in angola.

This night, by the “ring” of the Restaurant and Had the “combat” begins with a “Kibble, pumpkin, cilantro and lime” against “Shrimp and Okra”. The Round 2 places of each of the sides of the strings “fish Soup and pevides” and the “Bean of the palm and banana”. In the clash between the “heavy weights”, or in the main, the “Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo” will “face” the “Swag chicken”, ending the duel with the Round 4 that will oppose the “Pudding Abade regional egg” to the “Paracuca”. The ring lights up by 19: 30, watch the first fight of the gastronomic of the year has a price of €28 per person.

In the month that marks the Africa Day (25 may), a date established in 1963 in the defense and emancipation of the african continent, it becomes more appropriate that the kitchen of the House of Angola if change, even if only for a night, to the Internacional Design Hotel. It is the responsibility of chef Paulo Soares lead the pots angolans, side-by-side with the chief resident, David John. If the Restaurant Bastard almost needs no introduction, the House of Angola can be unknown only for the most distracted. Located in Lisbon, is the association of angolans of Portugal’s oldest, having been established in 1971. In addition to promoting various cultural events, such as exhibitions, book launches or show cases, has a small restaurant, that is almost one of the best kept secrets among the purists of food in angola.

The Duel Gastronomic between Portugal and Angola starts at 19h30. The stage for the “combat” is the Restaurant Bastard, in the International Design Hotel, in Rua da Betesga, 3, Lisbon (Tel. 213 240 993).

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