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Preserves and wine: savor à moda do Porto

Though the days still to finish more fresh, a jacket will be required and the days becoming shorter, there is still much summer to enjoy. Until September 22, we are still (officially), in the season of greatest heat, the perfect excuse to prefer the terraces, the nights with friends and the sharing of snacks between two fingers of conversation. Thinking about this reality, the VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar presents a new concept in gastronomy. Are the pickles the star of the letter and, of course, the traditional flavors coming from the Portuguese coast.

To split, the two or in a group, the VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar (Grahams Port Lodge, Rua do Agro 141, Vila Nova de Gaia. Tel. 220 930 417) offers more than 25 varieties of canned food that inspire her creations to the base of sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel, tuna, swordfish, squid, cod, mussels and cockles. But for that each dish does not come alone, there is always a matching for each one, based on more than 20 references of wines available on the service by the glass. But the snacks do not stay here. There is still space for you to enjoy oysters in the Algarve, Tuna of the Azores marinated with soy sauce and sesame, or a selection of cheeses DOP.

In the VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar then there is to prove Sardines, “Vianapesca in olive oil without skin or bones”, “La Góndola in olive oil”, “Tricana without skin”, “Luças in olive oil and lemon”, “Pine spicy” and “Silver of the Sea with curry”. The Mackerel are “Tricana with lemon”, “Pine groves in olive oil spicy”, “Pine forest in tomato sauce”, “Ramírez smoked”, “Minor horsetails in olive oil”, “Cocagne in olive oil” and “Briosa in olive oil and spices”. The horse could not miss, featuring in the charter the “Tricana with spices”, “Minor in olive oil”, “Pine oil” and “Briosa carapauzinhos in olive oil”.

With Portugal being a traditional consumer of Tuna, to the proposals of the VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar go for “Lucas oil”, “Tricana in olive oil”, “Santa Catarina with sauce, raw”, “Porthos in vegetable oil spicy” and “Briosa in olive oil, onion and bay leaves”. The section of the Swordfish presents “Lucas oil” and “Briosa in olive oil spicy”. The Squid are “stuffed La Góndola” and the Cod, another classic to the table, the Portuguese, arrive in “La Rose with olive oil and garlic” and the “Briosa in olive oil”. Continues to offer with the Mussels “Tricana spicy”.

In the section of the Cockles, the VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar gives a jump to Galicia , and displays the “Casa Santoña”. From the basque Country arrive the Anchovies “Olasagasti in olive oil”. There are six white wines by the glass in the letter, to harmonize with these proposals, three sparkling wines, and seven white and red wines available. Of course, the “slice-of-lion” of the letter goes to the Wines of Porto, with 12 proposals, all of mark Graham s. The prices of snacks vary between €5 and €14.

The VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar is a restaurant located in the Cellars of Graham’s 1890, in Vila Nova de Gaia, opened in February 2013 and with a privileged view over the Bridge D. Luiz and the rio Douro. The project is inserted in the rehabilitation of the cellars, and is the result of a partnership between the Symington family, producers of Port wine for over 130 years, and the family Sagardi, originating in the Basque Country, which has been carrying the Basque cuisine and the accuracy of his tradition to the four corners of the world.

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