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Quorum: the Algarve to the conquest of Lisbon

For the story, will always be the fact that Rui Silvestre have been, in the year 2015, the youngest cook Portuguese to win a Michelin star. As is the award of “Prix au Chef de L’avenir”, the International Academy of Gastronomy, which recognizes the projection and the talent of the young chiefs promising at the international level. Will also be in the logs, the changes in culinary, which left the Algarve, for now take Lisbon assault…

Not is person that is content with little, and it repairs itself, it scarcely looks to the charter of the new Quorum, which Rui Silvestre opened at the beginning of the year in Lisbon. Thought to be something more straightforward, if we want to, less sophisticated than in Bon Bon, Rui Silvestre had, turned out to be completely different, with many creations of the chef that were served in the Algarve to make the trip to Lisbon.

In the Quorum, Rui Silvestre is different. Is more mature, with more weighting, but always with a desire undeniable to grow and win, even if it is the beans. Assumes that this is a temporary space, until you return to the south where they will devote to the fine dinning, but until it is, can’t untangle or serve anything that is not sophisticated. A headache, especially for the neighborhood, which in this Quorum, is a rival of weight.

Still missing a little bit, Rui Silvestre to show in Lisbon, but the majority of clients does not cease to be surprised with the proposals of the charter. There are three tasting menus, the “Fauna and Flora” with 5 (€48), 6 (€59) and 8 (€79)moments, and a la carte service, which is transversal to the proposals of tasting. Each menu can be harmonised with the proposals chosen by the Sommelier Sérgio Antunes, who proves with Rui Silvestre, which is why it is one of the best of Portugal.

The letter of the Quorum is simplistic, but elegant and full of flavor. There are “Ceviche, Tapioca and Flowers”, a delicious proposal “Cod, Egg Yolk and Coriander”, “Ox Tail, Foie Gras and spring onions”, “Guava and Quijo de Serpa” and a “Soufflé of Chocolate 70% Sao Tome” in the first menu tasting. In the second add “Oyster, Caviar Oscietra, and Cucumber”, “Pho, bullock and Algae”. The tasting menu is a real journey for the creativity of Rui Silvestre, with proposals that can change the taste, rsf will, and wants of the markets.

By the time of the visit of the “Boa cama Boa Mesa, the Quorum (Rua do Alecrim, 30 B, Lisbon. Tel. 216 040 375), was in “soft openning”, and still not had the first floor up and running, where a bar and a table that encourages people to share anger serve “finger food” with cocktails of the author. We have no doubt that it will be a space (only serves dinner), which will mark the night of Lisbon. But it will not be where Rui Silvestre back to the mouths of the World. The limitations are obvious space and relaxation scheduled for the Quorum do not take Rui Silvestre to the stars, a place that belongs by right and where he will, no doubt, in brief.

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