Rail: A terrace, a tropical in the middle of Lisbon

The port number 59 of Rua de Santa Apolónia returned to open-if for the purposes-of-late and lively nights. The Rail already (re)opened, two years after being shut down, with a face entirely new. The magnificent view over the Tagus river remains intact, such as the entrance of the building and the stairs narrow on the inside. Only when we got to the first room is that the change if note. There is a concert hall, two stages that promise to diverse actions and a terrace very tropical, from the décor to the menu. This space is one of the many novelties that you can find in the new guide “Restaurants & Terraces”, on sale from this Saturday, the 23rd, but already available via the Store Service.

The terrace is where it begins this new chapter in the history of the Railway. If you already knew the space, forget the chairs of the train red. Now reign the wooden benches with white pillows, sun loungers and the chairs wicker. There is still a marble counter that limits the terrace, and ensures the best view of Lisbon, a vertical garden with palm trees and banana trees, that seems to transport you to a tropical country. But not if the connection was lost to the railway industry, nor to the history of the building. The train is still present in the decoration. This time the element is the ground made of solipas wood of the railroad.

Another of the big innovations of the Railway is the cuisine that comes by the hand of the chief Nico Martínez-Villalba. With origins in Colombia, the boss has already traveled the world and brings a suitcase full of flavours. In this menu, available until the end of summer, he opted to unite the various traditions of south America, where the fruit and the fish play a major role. There are dishes such as Cappuccino of shrimp (€4,50), with bisque, grilled shrimp, spuma of alioli and toasted bread, or the option, vegan Guacamole with quinoa crispy onions encurtidas, sauce sofrito, and roasted banana (€10). With regard to the suggestions of the boss, pay attention to the Ceviche of octopus with banana da terra chips, onion, crispy bacon, cilantro and cream cheese, or Croquettes of rice with coconut, hummus white bean and coriander.

If before you prefer to just go for a drink, the bar suggests a menu with options for all tastes. Since the most usual, Gin (from €10) and sangria (from €19,50), to the long list of house cocktails, with options such as 1st class (€9), Miss Xabregas (€9), and Cabaret of the Purple (€9). Inside, the decor runs off completely to the terrace. The bar is burlesque style and the tones of gold and burgundy dress in the room. The play of light on the walls and lamps hanging beautify the environment. In the background there is a stage, which is on par with the stage of the terrace, will receive various performances.

This bar opened with the promise of being the abode of many artists of the most diverse areas, such as music, cinema, painting, photography, among others. The best is to go take a look at the Rail and get into this space where you breathe art and good wave.

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