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Real Sports Bar: the perfect venue to see the derby

Will certainly run rivers of ink on the big game between Benfica and Sporting, who performs tonight at the Stadium of Lightin Lisbon. The 90 minutes of the game will turn into dozens of hours of television, with comments, replays, analyses and predictions of how it’s going to be the season. Separated by only three points, the outcome of the game may allow Benfica to reach the rival Sporting in the lead, or, extend the distance between the rivals, if the lions win the match.

Naturally, a game between Benfica and Sporting clube de portugal means a full house and, despite the cold and unstable weather, the tickets for the derby are already hard to find. For those who can’t go to the field, nothing better than to take advantage of the “stadium improvised” Real Sports Bar, at the Real Parque Hotelin Lisbon, and see the game on multiple screens, at a temperature that is expected to be high, surrounded by cold drinks and snacks for the dead hours of the game, to the range, and, whether that club is, to celebrate the victory or “drown” the sorrows of defeat.

In The Real Sports Bar (Avenida. Luis Bivar, 67, Lisbon. Tel. 213 199 000) there are plenty reasons of comfort to see the Benfica – Sporting. There are several screens scattered about the room and a giant to not lose any detail, in an environment that is expected of the party, already decorated with the scarves of the clubs in the field, and other international championships. Before the starting whistle, do the heating with a “Menu Nail Real”, of veal, with garlic butter, bolo do caco with chips or with the Menu“Royal Burger” with a hamburger of veal, bread, Focaccia, bacon, cheese, egg, arugula, tomato, onion, lettuce and potato chips. Both are accompanied by a drink (€9).

You can still take advantage of a “Bitoque chicken, with chicken breast, fried egg, sauce to the Portuguese, salad and fried potato slices (€9), a “Bitoque bullock, accompanied by fried egg, sauce to the Portuguese, salad and fried potato slices (€9,50), or, if you have a gentle stomach before the strong emotions of the game, by a “Caesar Salad” (€7,50) or by a “Niçoise Salad” (€7). But, the perfect option, in case you go with friends, is to choose the “Caster of snacks”, with five varieties of snacks from the selection of the chief (€12), a “cheese Board” with four varieties (€7) or a simple, but crunchy “Pastéis de bacalhau” with a green salad (€4).

To divide, in the Real Sports Bar, there is still “Chicken wings” (€5), “Nachos” (€3,50) and of course, a few Croquettes with mustard (€1,50). If you see that the middle of the match needs to gain strength, there are a few “Strips of the empty sauce with cheese buttery” (€7) and some fried potatoes that help to entertain (€2). If the result you smile, celebrate at the end with an “apple Crumble” (€ 2,50), a “Pudding Abade regional egg” (€2,50) or a sweet “Kindergarden” (€2,50).

Good game!

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