Refeitrº of the Low: a restaurant that is also a Pottery

First let’s start with the name, strange and even difficult to say. The new restaurant in the Yard of Grass, a partnership between the Ancient Pottery of Coimbra of Eduardo Correia with Paul Pechorro and Paulo Simões is called Refeitro Low. In reality, writes- “Refeitrº”, as seen in a dish old, found on the pottery and that, says the story, was part of an order of a college of Carmelites of the region to Take, and which is now the symbol of the restaurant.

Lies in the facilities of the Society of Ancient Pottery from Coimbra, a building that went by the creativity of the architect Luísa Bebiano, that the recovered and where he still works a pottery. With two floors, all in wood, in one of them you can still see the furnaces where the pottery was made, in the highest part, we are witnessing a process of transformation of the clay into ware ceramics, while sampling some of the proposals of the chief Hugo Costa, assisted by Vera Oliveira, the head of the room and sommelier.

In the “Refeitrº of the Low” there is always an executive menu at lunch, which may be composed of a Caldo verde soup with crispy chorizo, Risotto, Octopus or Veal Rump to the Portuguese or Baits of suckling pig with Mashed up on the Mountain and a Panacotta with red fruit (€12,50). But there is much more in the letter, always based on the traditional cuisine revisited. Tell, in the entries, with proposals such as fillets of sardines in vinaigrette, tomato and pepper (€7) or pork feet with coriander (€6,50), or even smoked salmon salad with vinaigrette and coriander (€7,50).

In the proposals of the main dishes of the “Refeitrº of the Low” there is also salt cod in a crust of corn bread and sausage (€14,50), bread cheek of cod with coriander, fresh (€13,50), ox tail braised in red wine with mashed potatoes (€12,75), tenderloin and neck of pork bísaro, black pudding with potatoes and rice stir-fries (€13,25). There are still five vegetarian options and a children’s menu (€9), which includes Soup, chicken burger or Douradinhos hake, Ice-cream or fruit.

In the desserts, the “Refeitrº of the Low” have a Brownie, mousse de lima and iced chocolate (€5), Pudding Abade regional egg ice-cream Tangerine (€5,50), a Rice pudding with a crumble of cinnamon (€3,25) or crème caramel with Vanilla ice cream (€3,75). The charter of desserts suggests immediate harmonization with generous wines, between the Port and the Wood. In the rest of the letter, in full, bet essentially on the wines of the Dão and Bairrada.

The “Refeitrº of the Low” (the Backyard of the Prior, 2 and 4, Coimbra, portugal. Tel. 239 820 080) closed Sunday and Monday lunch. In the rest of the days serves lunch between 12: 30 and 15:00 and for dinner from 19h30 to 22h30.

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