Rejoice, the dogs of the Gazelle are now double!

At first glance, when one enters the new Brewery Gazelle, comes the memory of the customers those Hollywood movies where things are enlarged to twice the size. And, in fact, was what happened with this “place of worship” that at the new address (Rua de Entreparedes, 8, Port. Tel. 221 124 981) has retained the look of the original house, only in a much larger space. Is reason of joy for the lovers. Since last Saturday, the 4th of August, there are two Brewery Gazelle to visit.

For the rest, everything (or almost), stays the same in the new Brewery’s Gazelle in relation to the original. The dogs (€3,40), narrow and long, cut in small pieces, remain the same and be ordered in pairs because only one is not enough to be satisfied. Accompany with fried potatoes and, of course, a fine ice cream that the north does not serve imperial. Keeps-the-counter in “U” shape, and there remains too much demand, especially by the tourists that choose to Invicta as a holiday destination and they go in search of the famous dogs.

The Brewery Gazelle opened its doors in 1962. But I wanted the chance that one day, it was television star, when the already missing Anthony Bourdain if he left to film for program “Parts Unknown” to delight in the puppies in the house. Incidentally, the television presenter won the right to a photograph on the wall of the Brewery Gazelle original, and since then, many are those who seek proof of this view. For a brewery with almost 60 years, the visit of the presenter marked a “before and after”. Today is one of the places not to miss in Porto.

The initial idea was to increase the Brewery’s Gazelle (Travessa Cimo de Vila, 4, Port. Tel. 22 205 4869), but the work proved to be impossible to accomplish. We opted for the solution of open a kind of delegation, interestingly, just a few metres from the original house. The choice fell on an old grill that had just tried to, and, as if it was going to have more space, increased also the proposals for you to enjoy. Now there are nails (€10) on the “Gazelle”, made with a bread bijou. By this time, it is worth recalling that in the charter there are also studs, sandwiches and omelettes.

The two breweries Gazelle close on Sunday. The original is also closed for Saturday dinner. The new, in this day, it still serves dinner. And, already now, do not mind if you also call the Brewery Gazelle “Snack bar Gazelle – Dogs of Battle”. More than the name, what matters are the dogs phenomenal.

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