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Restaurant AKLA: the difficult thing is to choose

There is a veritable parade of flavors, ranging from the sea to the land, in the new letter from the head Eddy Melo in the restaurant AKLA. Go both to the sea as to the land, with genuine flavours, divided into several categories that allow for different experiences. Expect to find Seafood, Ceviche, Salads, the Josper or proposals to share, that make each meal a different experience.

In the section of Shellfish, in the new charter of the restaurant AKLA, there are three distinct options, ideal to start the meal. The Oysters of the Ria Formosa (€12,50), the Shrimp Mozambique (€8,50) and the Scallops braseadas, with a Bras of green asparagus and leeks (€16,50). Already the Ceviches created by Eddy Melo , which include two of the suggestions and show the influence of the times in which the head worked outside of the Uk. There is a Ceviche of tuna in the azores, carrot bio spicy, avocado and Tobiko Wasabi (€17), and Ceviche of shrimp Mozambique, pearls of sago in an infusion of coconut and raspberries fresh (€17).

The tables of the AKLA, at the Hotel InterContinental Lisbon are favorable to the share, what justifies that in the new charter Eddy Melo includes a section of Portuguese flavors, to divide. There are a selection of Portuguese cheeses (€15,50), Pataniscas of cod with sauce tartar (€11), Pica-pau loin with chanterelles and pickle homemade (€15,50), and even the Salad AKLA bio with tartar of veal (€16,50) and the Cuttlefish roasted in the josper with peppers padrón and butter of coriander (€16).

The salads of the chef Eddy Melo to the AKLA, designed for those looking for a lighter meal, go for Pumpkin stewed with dates, beetroot, mini red cabbage bio, asparagus, and sunflower seeds (€14,50), the Salad Intercontinental mung beans, spinach baby, mini chard, goat cheese Farm of the Mills, pineapple and mango (€16) and also by the of Arugula and watercress bio with nuts, pecan French toast, pear-rock baked in the josper, and São Jorge cheese cured for 24 months (€16).

Of the sea, Eddy Melo andes make the suggestions, it warns that “The fish built in the restaurant is sourced from suppliers who use fishing methods sustainable”. And displays the following tuna Loin grilled (€26), elephant Fish baked in josper (€22,50), (€Lombo de bacalhau à Lagareiro 19,50), and Fillet of red mullet roasted in the josper (€22,50).

To the end, in the AKLA, the restaurant of the Hotel InterContinental Lisbon, one reaches the section “The Josper”. Begins with Loin matured (€28,50), follows with ‘entrecôte matured (€28,50), Rack of lamb, irish (€28,50), Supreme of chicken roasted corn (€17,50), Chuléton beef, aged 40 days (€55) and end, the proposals, with a Rack of pork from the alentejo (€31).

The AKLA, the restaurant of the Hotel InterContinental Lisbon (Rua Castilho 149, Lisbon. Tel. 213 818 700) only serre dinner. It is open from 19h30 to 23h00.

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