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Restaurant Al Garage: yes, Now one can speak of “Italian cuisine” truth

Father and son take to the kitchen and devote themselves diligently to show that in Italy they do not eat only pasta.

The basil is like a banana: where you want to add, if not to caution, supersedes all the rest. If you do an exercise of memory to the times of the school, you will remember that in the lunchbox of the excursions, in spite of the tupperware with chicken, of croquettes and sandwiches mixed, if there was a banana stuck to the noise, the contamination of smells and flavours was granted.

In the aromatic mediterranean is concerned, it is common to happen the same, but only when those who use it don’t know what will. It is, moreover, in the disproportion of basil that distinguishes the bad from the good Italian cuisine. In the case of the Al Garage (Rua Castilho, 63 B, Lisbon. Tel. 211 919 176) the new restaurant of the group, Italy Caffe, if doubt there were regarding the balance of the ingredients used, would fall immediately to earth with the arrival at the table of the first dish, a parmiggiana revisited, with eggplant fries, mozarella and ham on a bed of tomato sauce basil (€9), a sauce that can be proud of the subtlety and flavor ascertained that not ruin all the rest.

But there are other factors that attest that the restaurant Al Garage, open since August, is a “vero” in Italian. Namely, in the kitchen is Giuseppe Micchia, knower of the traditional recipes of the country in which it was born. With the son, Marco, in Portugal for 10 years, decided to give the guy by the parmesan seriously, for the serious tomato seriously (which comes directly from a tin of pulp with a pound), and surprised those who think that in Italy only if you eat the dough by sardines. The sardine, says Marco, is one of the products most cross-cutting of the south of Italy and, contrary to what happens here, in the Italian cuisine “really” almost never has the grid as the destination (learn-if who knows that!).

On the menu, it appears little, but in the good, the Spaghetti alla palermitana (€14,50) that joins dried tomatoes, pine nuts, fennel, raisins, bread crumbs, olive oil and garlic, and wrapped in bacon.

As good home, “della mamma” that is, although headed by a father, the restaurant Al Garage has in pasta alla way (€15) one of the stars of the menu, not only for the marvel that it is, but the whole “mise en scène” involved in the preparation. Could be a simple spaghetti with mushrooms, ham and olive oil truffle white, were it not for the fact of being immersed in a grana padano cheese 40 pounds, where the dough is wrapped in cheese just grate before going on to the dish.

The list includes, also, the pizzas, the risottos, the salads, the meat, the fish and the ravioli but if it is to have the full experience, we advise risk in combinations unknown to appear on the restaurant Al Garage.

The Panacota caramel (€3,50) and the Profiteroles with hot chocolate (€4,50) terminate the meal, the same time to accompany the coffee with a “grappa” homemade (€6).

Do not miss a visit to the grocery store for Italian products , and if that is the case, take some originals to home – all things you won’t find in the supermarkets common.

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