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Restaurant Antiqvvm and Vítor Matos pay Tribute to Portuguese Cuisine

Golden fork, in the edition 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table, and awarded with a Michelin star, the restaurant Antiqvvm, in Porto, celebrates today (October 3) for their second anniversary, with a very special dinner… the eight hands.

In this “Tribute to Portuguese Cuisine, Vítor Matos invited to the kitchen the heads Noélia Jerónimo, Miguel Gameiro and Rui Martins.

In the Old Solar do Vinho do Porto (Rua entre Quintas, 220, Porto, portugal. Tel. 226 000 445), from 19.00, and promises a unique night of celebration of gastronomy, with a trip to Portugal to table duly followed by the family tradition of five generations of the producer in the douro Alves de Sousa.

The menu “a Tribute to the Portuguese Cuisine,” consists of six dishes and costs €90, including sweets from the Confectionery of the Bridge (Amarante), and cake greeting, accompanied with Sparkling wine Quinta do Encontro Brut Magnum.

The first dish of the menu is the responsibility of the head of the algarve’s restaurant Noélia, in Cabanas de Tavira, which will prepare “Oyster Mills of the Islanders”, harmonized with the Valley of the Fox, Booking, White, 2016. Later, the leader of the Antiqvvm, Vítor Matos, presents “sea Bass with xerém of clams ” bulhão Pato”, the married with Alves de Sousa, Cot, 2012. Rui Martins, head of the restaurant RIB Beef & Wine, in Porto, bet “Cod with chickpeas”, served with White Gaivosa, Grande Reserve, 2014.

It follows, in this dinner for eight hands, the proposal of Miguel Gameiro, the restaurant, The Embrace, in Sintra, it takes to the table, “Cock floor”, harmonized with Quinta da Gaivosa, 2013. The host Vítor Matos enhances the meat with a “Cheek of pork with pearl barley and turnip greens” that will have the company of Alves de Sousa, Reserve Personnel, 2008. After the entry, Noélia Jerome shows his excellent talent to the pastry chefs with the“Bacon-of-the-sky with tangerine”, the married with Alves de Sousa Porto 10 years old Tawny.

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