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Restaurant Arcades: the Whole center of the Country to the table!

It can be said that, sometimes it takes a few years to a head inside of the kitchen. May be accurate, various letters, various tunings, and several attempts, for months at least achieved, to assert a boss as a cook for the exception. In the case of the Quinta of Tears have been accurate a few times for Few Days if stated in the name itself, but that day has finally arrived, and after some interesting proposals since that was at the top of the hierarchy of the kitchen, here’s one that promises to surprise in the new charter which now presents.

It is an entire region, the center of the Country that comes to the table, so elegant and refined, but full of tradition and, above all, a proper name. Vitor Days it is assumed now as an head to take into account in the restoration of the national, be able to do with the restaurant, Arcadas return to the glory days, and that re-occupy the place of reference that at times has held, whether at the local level, or national.

The letter of restaurant Arcades explains dish each one of the inspirations of Few Days, and tells the story both of the products you want, every one of the locations or zones where it was to drink inspiration. Begins with the “Mouth of the Mondego”, “the river that passes just over 200 metres from the Quinta das Lágrimas, an ecosystem very rich which I’m going to find ingredients for my kitchen”. Serves-if so, “Octopus, shrimp and mussels with the juices of the coriander and seaweed hair of the old” (€20). Bairrada gets the “piglet in a bed of potato “orange“, fresh salad and ice cream sparkling wine in the Bairrada” (€16) and “Garden and Orchard of the Farm” to the “Vegetables, fruits and herbs picked daily in the garden and orchard of the Farm of Tears” (€14). Of the “serra da Lousã and Rabaçal” comes the “Egg to 65 degrees, ham of wild boar on the Mountain, mushrooms and aged cheese of Rabaçal” (€14.50).

The “Figueira da Foz” comes the “Soup of fish from Figueira da Foz with salt from the salt, crispy garlic, and lettuce of the sea” (€13), and “Between the Mondego and Vouga” the “sea Bass from the Coast with potatoes gandaresa and espigos cabbage” (€33). The “Portuguese Tradition of the Cod” was to seek “Loin, sames, and the languages of cod with bean bunny head” (€30), one of the best dishes tasted in the presentation of the new charter. The “Art of Fishing of Xávega” is a “Symphony of fish and seafood, with rice of the Lower-Mondego and glassworth of salt” (€32). Recalling the “Hunt of the Prince Dom Pedro”, Mr. Day serves on the new card from the restaurant, Arcadas “The Pheasant, white asparagus, blackberries and a sauce of wild mushrooms” (€33).

In the desserts, and the “ancient gastronomic traditions coming from the convents and monasteries” of Santa Clara in Coimbra, arriving at the “Nuns and Abbots”, “Fresh eggs, the Abbot of regional egg and ice-cream raspberry” (€13,50), “The Heart of Agnes”, which takes “Coconut, mango and ice cream passion fruit” (€13,50) and the “Forest Fresh”, that evokes the stories and the legends of the Quinta das Lágrimas and is represented by “dark Chocolate, flowers, and citrus flavours from our orchard” (€13,50).

The restaurant Arches (Rua António Augusto Gonçalves, Coimbra, portugal. Tel. 239 802 380), returns with this new letter to the major league. A good reason to rediscover the Quinta das Lágrimas and the ever surprising story of Pedro and Inês.

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