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Restaurant Casa da Esquila: “Moments of Truth” of the culture of the beira region

The proposal is unpretentious and combines the tradition of Beira Interior, with the flavors of the land, cooked with accuracy and creativity. The restaurant Casa da Esquila, in Sabugal, bet on the typical products of the region. In addition to the suggestions from the menu, in this house there is packed with “stories”, or as for here they state: “Moments of Truth”. There are three menus, all with a different theme. The invitation is to choose one and risk a fine dining experience unique and as well Portuguese.

The first menu (€23,90) is inspired by the “assuquires and chingares”, eating and drinking, of the last century. Do not be surprised if you do not understand the words that are on the menu, dishes are described according to the slang Quadrazenha, a language developed several centuries ago by smugglers from the borderbetween Portugal and Spain. In the entries there are suggestions such as Salad of “vaginas”, more known as pods fresh, Salad and dumplings “badeio”, also called cod, and “living stage” of a marinade, that is to say, the Fish marinated. Already in main dishes, in plain language, there are Potatoes with olive oil and tuna and Rabbit in the forest with only policeman. To finish, tip passes by “Doçante of escarchante” and “Moca of the gel”, namely, Fresh eggs, and coffee.

The chef Rui Pedro Cerveira has already passed through various kitchens, but it was in this small village of Sabugal (Road Street, 74, Casteleiro, Guarda. Tel. 271 381 070 that decided to join the customs to the dishes that it serves. Thus was born the menu Roots (€23,90) that is inspired by the tradition, taste and authenticity of life in the beira interior. The goal is “that you can feel in a typical house of the Beira region”. The meal starts with Ham, olive oils, olives and spout with sausage, followed by scrambled Eggs with norsas, asparagus and sausage. With regard to fish, it is the Cod fried who occupies the place of prominence, and is accompanied with mashed beans small. Already in the meat, the option is Pork confit with mashed potatoes, and tomatoes. To finish, could not miss the traditional sweets such as Rice pudding, Ice cream, egg, and cheese with jam of strawberry.

The last menu is the “Terreiro” of Witches and creepy critters (€28,90) and is inspired by the legends of the region that describe the witches and the rituals fantastic. This menu is the most fun and begins with the Pleasures of the witch, the frog, squid, and snails, followed by the Broth and nettle ointment, Mushrooms and Trout smoked with broth of langoustines. Do not be alarmed when you get to the table the Ritual of blood, this is Arroz de cabidela”, and the Sacrifice, also known as the Kid in the bed of herbs. The meal ends with a Trifle of the herb of the field, accompanied with a little witchcraft, or if you prefer, a pleasant surprise.

If you do not choose to risk in one of these dining experiences, in the menu, there are several suggestions delicious, such as pork Tenderloin with bacon (€11), Loaf of Beef à portuguesa (€11/300g), Bacalhau à lagareiro (€7), or even the vegetarian option, Braz mushrooms (€7).

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