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Restaurant Come celebrate Shrovetide of Lazarim

Until tomorrow, Tuesday (Carnival), the Shrovetide of Lazarim animates the streets of this small town in the municipality of Lamego. It is one of the most traditional festivities in Portugal, without the right to the samba and without garments more or less exotic that characterize the season. In Lazarim are the caretos that dominate, with their masks diabolical and the party has as a high point reading of the testaments of the comadre and compadre, tomorrow, Tuesday. In the end, to end the celebrations of Shrovetide is offered a broth of flour and beans, to the sound of an intense musical entertainment.

“Aware of the importance of the traditions and keep them alive”, the restaurant to Come, in Lamego, joins the party and popular ancestor and features, these days, a traditional dish in this region: Corn beef in the vineyard of garlic and turnip greens. The dish costs €27 and is served for two people. Reservation recommended by phone 961 422 784 and 254 401 698.

It should be noted that the restaurant to Come (Rua Macário de Castro, 39, Lamego) has in this region, its people and ways of making, its reason for being. The space conveys the feeling of being in a cellar, despite the elegant ambience and sophisticated rooms. The modern decor connects well with the traditions of the region. Also at the table this merge is valid, with the traditional dishes duriense – and not only – to put on a guise that is more contemporary.

In the edition 2016 of the guide Good Bed Good Table , we can read, about the restaurant to Come: “The ripple of the walls of the restaurant itself, the color yellow, golden, black, the pictures on the walls, the slate, the wood, the two olive trees, in an entry of light, everything evokes the Douro and its regions. But it is at the table that proves the splendor douro tasting of the dishes cooking contemporary and traditional recipes. In the centre of Lamego, in the back of the Cathedral, the restaurant serves a superb bread and olive oil as an input, between the olive oil and olive paste. The cod confit and the pork tenderloin Bísaro wrapped in presunto de Lamego are some proposals that accompany a letter of superior wines.

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