Restaurant Eleven: the life of chef Joachim Koerper gave a menu

Many dishes have gone by the hand of chef Joachim Koerper, who was born on Christmas day in the German city of Saarbrücken, in 1952. Many recipes, many successes and also many failures (probably), make the history of these last 65 years, always dedicated to the gastronomy and cuisine of the author. Similarly, many air miles are part of the card for the frequent traveler, this boss, who these days divides his days between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

But the life of Joachim Koerper has made other stops, such as Berlin, Cannes, Paris or Alicante, always in high rotation, always in the kitchens of the top, and always accustomed to prizes, distinctions and accolades. Now, the time has come to remember the whole course of a life and, such as an opened book, the story tells at the table, on the form of a new menu, available at the Restaurant Eleven, one of the most emblematic and striking spaces of the restoration of lisbon.

A week after it was announced that the Restaurant Eleven came back to appear on the short list of national restaurants awarded with a Michelin Star, Joachim Koerper him about the new letter, one of the boldest ever presented in Lisbon, and one that better reflects the whole history of life. Of inspired dishes, German to traditionally Portuguese “Sopa da Pedra”, almost all a life here fit, with proposals truly amazing.

In the entries, the new card from the Restaurant Eleven offers dishes like “Surf&Turf Luso German”, a gentle mixture of Crawfish with “eisbein”, calamansi and horseradish, a “Lobster with beet in textures, cocoa, and passion fruit” and an extraordinary version of the traditional “Soup of Stone”.

Already in the main dishes, it assists in the preservation of the line of the inspiration of terroirs, cultures and traditions that influence Joachim Koerper, with the inclusion of dishes such as “Assortment of fish of the three continents of Portugal with shellsh, seafood and red wine sauce”, “grilled Rack of lamb, cheese, and grapes of Azeitão, lentils beluga” and still with the “suckling pig, cabbage, egg yolks cured and smoked with caviar imperial”.

The tasting menu presented at the Restaurant Eleven, (Rua Marquês de Fronteira, Jardim Amália Rodrigues, Lisbon. Tel. 213 862 211), Joachim Koerper assumes still more the connection between Europe and Brazil, through dishes such as the “Tart of Quince and Saffron”, the delicious “Ferrero Eleven”, and “Banana, Caramel and Peanuts”.

Each dish takes on Joachim Koerper, tells a story and is presented to enhance the experience of your visit to the restaurant. Says the head in the presentation of the letter “I Sought to extract from nature the best raw material, so that you can feel the aromas and textures of the revenue and terroirs that predominate in Portugal and with touches from lands more remote where I have stayed, while always maintaining a respect for culinary techniques. From traditional soup from the stone to the products of the serra da Arrábida, passing through fish and shellfish from the waters of the Atlantic to the fruits of Brazil.”

The Restaurant Eleven is open Monday to Saturday, and still displays the menus Atlantic (€94), Tasting (€115), and Lobster (€175), composed by the dishes present in the new charter of the autumn.

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