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Restaurant Fishing 25: The sea to the table in Cais do Sodré

There is a new space to discover the Lisbon, full of flavors of the sea, in one of the most prestigious and lively areas of the city. In the already famous and eclectic Street New Oak, quite well known by the Street, “Pink”, in Cais do Sodré, opened the doors on the day that marked the “Revolution of the Carnations”, the restaurant of Fish 25. This bet of a group of entrepreneurs comes after the remarkable success of the house-mother, with the same name of the Fishing 25, that in June of 2016 opened the doors in the scenery of the summer resort of São Martinho do Porto, precisely at number 25 in the Rua Cândido dos Reis.

João Diogo Mendes and César Lourenço are the men in front of the pots and pans and, at the same time, members of Alexandre Mota, Marco Viveiros, Pedro Cleto , and Pedro Teixeira, owners of the 262 Authentic Suites, an irreverent hotel that stands in the floors surface higher of the building of the Cais do Sodré. To the bureau of Fisheries 25 bet only on the freshest produce and top quality ingredients, so simple, carry the sea up to the table.

In a pleasant setting, with huge old photographs and the original walls of the building to mark the decoration, this Fishing 25 presents a letter that is in constant flux, at the mercy of the seasons and of the markets, always based on the sea, without forgetting, as any brewery worth its salt, a nice and amazing nail, to round off the meal. But tell, where possible, to find in the letter “Shrimp to the Guilho” (€M 15.25), “Barnacles of the Island” (€82,25/kg), “only policeman” grilled (€88,25/kg), or, for moments of sharing, after all, also one of the philosophies of the house, the two options of “Board of Seafood”in version “Super Nova” (€64,25) or “Super Nova Elite” (€94,25).

It is recommended, in the restaurant Fishing 25, the “Soup of Lobster with Roe” (€6,25), the “Arroz de Marisco” (€64,25) and the “Arroz de Lavagante” (€76,25). The last two are the ex-libris of the house-mother and cooked for two people. Returning to the world of the flesh, highlight for the “Nail of the Loin” (€9,25), the “Sirloin Steak to Fish to 25” (€21,35) and the “Burger Black Angus in the Caco” (€12,25), perfect, insist that to end any meal.

The charter of desserts is also extensive, with three amazing types of Bread-cake: traditional, cinnamon , and chocolate.

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