Restaurant Food Holy: Brazil authentic served at the table

Gilberto Gil wrote, set to music and sang. Antonio and Flor, the Portuguese couple behind the brazilian restaurant old Lisbon, sign up below.

“In the blue of the sea of Bahia
It is the color that there principia
And who dwells in my heart”

The food of bahia has the characteristic of being hated or loved . There is no middle-term, and the guilt, it is said, tends to be of the okra, this fruit slightly hairy turns it into a baba pasty and fibrous, and that is one of the bases of the cuisine of the brazilian northeast.

To António Pinto Coelho, a Portuguese passionate about Brazil in general and for brazilian food in particular, the okra is not subject, as much as it would not be, for example, the sautã © ed in Portugal. It is a well needed without which most of the dishes typical of the Bahia would not exist. And the final point.

This love story has its beginning in the 70’s, when Antonio and Flor have started an air bridge between here and there and we quickly had the result of opening a restaurant in Lisbon, where if he did brazilian food seriously. Not enough to kill the miss, it never arrived, but it was the formula found to calm the heart, that since then was beating the two times.

In the restaurant of Santo (Calçada Engenheiro Miguel Pais, 39, Lisbon. Tel. 213 963 339), in Príncipe Real, is the tropicalism of the other side of the Atlantic in the décor, in the friendliness of the service, on the soundtrack and on the menu.

The Feijoada, cooked in the fashion of Rio de Janeiro (€14), join the classics of the North of Brazil, as is the case with Vatapá, a stew of fish and shredded shrimp dry with peanuts and palm oil (€16), and the flesh of the sun, which originally was drying in the sun, and whose case is now rebuilt with a cure of salt (€15).

To start, the crab, the crab that in the state of Bahia is a species of lupine and who is in any watering hole as the company of a cold beer, is mandatory. It is served in pate, a few drops of lemon and, for the connoisseurs, with a few drops of spicy home-made vodka-based. (€5).

In the end, most opt for the Quindim, “best of Europe”, as advertised on the menu (€5), but the Gerais, with banana cooked in sugar syrup, cloves and cinnamon (€5) is also a good option.

Although it is not common to track meals with drinks, here this is always a (good) option to consider. Moderately alcoholic (as much as a glass of wine), it balances perfectly the seasoning pulled of the dishes.

For now, António and Flower go walking around here, but whenever they can flee to the other side where they have great friends and a larger part of the heart.

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