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Restaurant G: praise to the region of Trás-os-Montes

Finally ended up the works of modernization of the Pousada de São Bartolomeu, in Bragança, that have made it more colorful, but modern and much more comfortable. Finally, the kitchen of the Restaurant G has conditions to shine (even more) with a view to the castle of Bragança, and put the fate which for some is more than remote, in the center of attention dining national.

Worth doing-on the road, and discover this Restaurant G, on the slopes of the city of Bragança, led by a pair of brothers who, coming from a family with scrolls in the local cuisine, gave the city a cosmopolitan space and elegant, able to compete with many located in large cities or in full the coast. Oscar and Tó Gonçalves opted for the hard way of doing things, and instead of moving to the kitchens or halls of the capital, preferred to give reasons to those who like to eat well, to go to Bragança.

The bet of the duo of brothers is, apparently, wins. In 2017 the Restaurant G was the winner of a Golden Fork for the guide Good Bed Good Table, that most of the cuisine, rewarded the boldness in mixing regional flavours with modern techniques, always making prevail the product and the region. Guaranteed, who here dinner will be able to enjoy a unique experience, marked by the strength of the flavors of the region and by the creativity of the kitchen.

Whether you choose à la carte or opt for one of the tasting menus, in the Restaurant G get ready for a meal to share and remember. The two responsible, (insists -) coming from a family with traditions in the restoration site, gave this space the jump final that was missing to affirm the locality as a destination diner.

The cover charge can be a ball of Berlin with cheese Terrincho and ham bísaro or a Ferrero Rocher sausage with almond and gold edible. Although the want is to get the client for a trip to Trás-os-Montes, are used other flavors as a way of contrast. The only policeman in the algarve and sour of Bragança is a good example. The real surprise is in the brill and rice black mussels, in the contrast between the sweetness of the fish and the acidity of the vinaigrette. And just as you would expect, the letter is never closed, changing the taste of the seasons, but especially of the magnificent seasonal products that will be appearing on local producers and markets in the region.

The restaurant G (the Pousada de Bragança, Street, Road, Tourism, Bragança. Tel. 273 331 493) is also distinguished by the proposals vínicas, with suggestions for unusual and preferencilamente of the region. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help and take advantage to abuse wine by the glass and get to know new references. Average price: €40.

Guia Boa Cama Boa Mesa 2017

With the restaurant G, in Bragança, the Good Bed Good Table begins a round weekly by the award-winning the edition 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table, when we are a few months to get to know the winners of this year. Record the list of the best, in article Guide Good Bed Good Table Restaurant on site and Belmond Reid’s Palace are due in 2017

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