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Restaurant Herb: There’s a new urban garden in Lisbon

The concept is quite simple: to Maintain the fidelity to the biological roots, confectionery products Portuguese with accuracy and take the dishes to the table with sympathy and in a sustainable way. A new restaurant in town that confeciona dishes based on biological products and arouses the curiosity. But when, in addition to the ingredients tasty and natural, the space is relaxed and decorated with plants everywhere, as if from a garden if it were, we are (almost) in the field. It is what happens in the new restaurant, Grass, who lives at the Corinthia Lisbon Hotel in Seven Rivers.

The open kitchen, unpretentious ensures the closeness and truth of the house. Everything that goes between the pots is clearly visible to all customers. Already the irreverence and originality of the dishes depend on the chef Carlos Gonçalves, who accumulates knowledge of various cuisines, but ensures that the primary concern is to serve the flavours of quality at all times, even if it sometimes has to run away to the famous vision “out of the box”.

The menu mirrors the ideologies of the home and continues in the same direction uncomplicated. To open the meal, the snacks take account of the table and the tips are Samos cod, peas and fish roe smoked (€5), Shrimp marinade, avocado, and chicken skin crispy (€6) and Potatoes bravas, tartar squid and crème fraîche lima (€5,50). The following are the entries based on fish and seafood, directly from Peniche, with Cod fresh with garlic mayonnaise, pickle, onion and sauce unagi (€10,50) and the horse Mackerel with salad in the algarve, tomato and beetroot (€14).

At the high point of the meal, the highlight goes to the Octopus grilled with paprika, smoked, caviar of eggplant, Portuguese cabbage grilled (€18,50) and the Corvina with sea rice and glassworth (€16), in the products of the sea, and the Blade of lamb milk roasted with potatoes aligot (€24), in meat. The council is accompany with a salad of vegetables, that by the very gostássemos describe, it would be impossible, since the ingredients depend on the supply of the basket of Hortelão of the West, which in turn is delivered to the desire of nature. When in doubt, take risks, since the probability of being tasty is great.

To finish, the dessert, well worth it. The Brulée of yuzu, pineapple from the Azores and meringue (€8,50) or the goat Cheese of the region of Maçussa, apricot, lemon and hazelnut (€8,50) are good options.

Last, but held a prominent place, the decor of the restaurant Herb does not leave anyone indifferent. There are several plants for the vertical gardens in the middle of the room, vases in the structures that separate the tables, and farming utensils which ceased to be, to become the home of different types of vegetation. The frames of the plastic artist Rueffa exposed in the wall are the icing on the cake, for the sophistication that add to the environment, inviting and very pleasant. The wood ageing of the tables and chairs help make your Herb garden a real city that crosses the Portuguese flavors with the modernity of lisbon.

The restaurant Herb (Avenida Columbano Bordalo, 105, Lisbon. Tel. 217236300) is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from the 24th of July.

This week he made his debut in the lunch and the executive menu, baptized as “menu in 50 minutes”, by the time that will last a meal, is very brief. Stay tuned and make a visit to this welcoming space.

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