Restaurant Ignacio: the new life of a classic Braga

The challenge was “huge”, he admitted Paula Peliteiro in the presentation of the “new” Restaurant Ignacio, in Braga. Was not for less. In hands, this prendada head – which leads to good port the restaurant Sra. Peliteiro, in the Quinta da Barca, in Esposende – had the difficult task of giving new life to a classic of the cuisine of the northern, whose opening dates back to the distant year of 1934. But, for Paula, the difficulty is engaging: “I want that!”. Judging by the full house, the task seems to win the match…

The Restaurant Ignacio reopened to the public on June 19, after a “wash guy”. It keeps the planks of thick wood in the ceiling, the tiles, treated the stone walls and the space, took a painting in tones of olive, more neutral and elegant. Preserved to the maximum of the antique furniture, but with chairs (and lighting) more comfortable. “To professionalise the service” was important…

At the table, it was almost mandatory to appear in dishes such as the Cod Ignacio (€28, two people), although with the “contemporaneous notes”. Comes with fried potatoes on the slice, sauce tartar and a sauce of olives, and even sauce cebolada to the part. Paula Peliteiro want to “intensify” the flavor of traditional cuisine and “show all your color.” There is, also, the Popes of sarrabulho à moda… the grandmother of the head, made with corn flour (not bread), and served as the entrance (€4).

In the letter is the typical Bacalhau à Lagareiro (€16), with potato to the punch. And yet Rice loose fish (€17,50), a Stew of shellfish with thread of gold (€16,50) and salads. In the desserts, especially the sweets, the Portuguese, in particular sponge (€4,50), Bacon from heaven, with sweet pumpkin and almond (€5,50), Cornucopias of mass wrapped with sweet egg (€4) and the Pudding Abade regional egg (5,50), emblem bracarense. It is possible to order – and sometimes even find on the menu of the day – versions of the pudding with nuts, cake batter, real nuts, and almonds.

“I want to work for the people of Braga. This was their dining room and I want to go back to give it to the count, and after you spend all this culinary culture to the tourists,” says Paula Peliteiro.

The Restaurant, Ignacio (Campo das Hortas, 4, São João do Souto, Braga. Tel. 911739926) has three rooms. The Room Petisqueira Port 10 opens to the public throughout the day. There are, however, two moments to remember: thes-18h and 23h out breaded in bread fragrant and warm to snuggle with glasses of wine.

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