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Restaurant La Gondola: good-Bye, until my return!

The restaurant La Gondola opened its doors in 1941, at the time one of the many houses of the Avenue of Bern, opposite the gardens of the Gulbenkian Foundation. Surprised the high society of the time, the only one who frequented restaurants in the full time of the Second World War, with an exquisite service and with a letter full of the most refined dishes of Italian cuisine. Gradually, the concrete has been conquering the avenue and the houses gave way to apartment buildings, with several floors of height, But, in the courtyard of the number 64, who grew up it was the bougainvillea, wrapped up in a rose bush.

They went up the few steps of the restaurant La Gondola (Avenida de Berna, 64, Lisbon. Tel. 217 970 426) several generations of locals. The room was the stage of many novels and excited, more solemn and more tragic, meetings away from the eyes of others. Always with the description that enforces a restaurant with so many years of history, always in the company of the best food of Italian-inspired. Infinite days of history, thousands of meals served that has now come to an end. This Sunday, the 6th of August, the restaurant La Gondola closes doors. Soon will be demolished to make way for the new headquarters of a national bank.

These days, as if it was an act of contrition gastronomic treat, there have been many clients who have decided to return to La Gondola. So many, that the tables were filled with multiple times, the joy has returned to the colourful lounge, the memories paraded in the shade of the trees in the courtyard where the vices between dishes if apaziguavam. The outrage by the closure of this space, as well as by the destruction of the property was such that even a petition was launched to keep the stones on the stones of the building, designed in 1928, by Julius Salustiano Rodrigues.

Little can be done to save the restaurant La Gondola from total destruction. But, all is not lost, since at least seven of the eight employees of the house are willing to perpetuate the name of the restaurant, this time to the sides of the Street of St. Benedict, also in Lisbon. You will then be expected that the city does not miss to the table proposals like the “Scalopine Valdostana with rice mushrooms”, “Entrecote aux champignons”, “Steak Fiorentina with polenta”, “Emincê of pork with rosti”, “Saltimboca to the Ticino”, “Rim salted”, “Costeletinhas lamb grilled”, “beef Tenderloin grilled” and “Entrêcote veal Casa Nostra”.

Julia Ribeiro, manager of La Gondola, does not confirm the opening of any “La Gondola II”, for the simple reason that it is impossible to repeat this restaurant in another space. Until Sunday, at lunch, it will still be possible to understand why there is so much nostalgia for this restaurant. It will be too late…

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