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Restaurant Lisbon View: packed by the Tagus river

The experience starts before you enter the restaurant, to go down the passageway that unites the land to the cacilheiro, where it is installed, the Lisbon to Vista. The breakfast is on the top floor, this ship that is dated 1925 and with many stories of crossings to count. On one side, as the restaurant name indicates, Lisbon. On the other, the bay of Seixal forms the landscape. At lunch, the day light allows you to see in detail the two banks of the Tagus river. At the dinner, are the lights of the buildings that give brightness to the eye.

The specialty of the restaurant Lisbon View is the cod and the suggestions they pass by salt Cod with a crust of corn bread and coriander (€14), served on a bed of spinach and accompanied with potatoes, and the Fillet of cod confit with mashed chickpeas and sautéed spinach (€16,50). Who is not a fan of this fish, you can opt for the classic Octopus on the grill with potatoes (€16), or move on to the section of meat, with the Filet mignon of Iberian pig with sauce of coriander (€14,50).

While enjoying the view and the decor of the restaurant Lisbon View (Cais da Mundet, Bay of Seixal, Seixal. Tel. 927 549 107), refer to the initial proposals of the charter, with emphasis on the Puff sausage suckling pig (€8), the Mussels in tomato sauce (€8,50) and the Foie Gras at low temperature with onion confit (€9,50).

Cheesecake with a reduction of vanilla (€4) is the dessert most sought-after, but in passing by the restaurant Lisbon View is almost mandatory to taste the Pastel of the Gentlewoman (€1,50) and get to know the history that gave birth to this sweet proposal. Legend has it that in the NINETEENTH century a young girl of wealthy family was imprisoned by the parent in the Quinta da Fidalga (associated with the brother of Vasco da Gama, who set out to follow the construction of caravels), for want to date with a young man, bohemian, and without fortune. The cook of the house, to see the broken heart of a gentlewoman, has prepared a freshly, made-to-measure, to sweeten his spirit. Thus was born the Pastel of the Gentlewoman.

To finish, the team of the restaurant, which is also the bar, advises that provides an Exclamation – liqueur wine producer Xavier Santana (€3) – and that delight with the message inscribed on the bottle. Alternatively, climb up to the terrace, on the top of the cacilheiro, and enjoy a Moscatel Roxo (€5).

With almost 100 years of stories, the cacilheiro that serves as home to a restaurant in Lisbon to View already sailed, times without number, between the two shores of the Tagus river. Now, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the bay of Seixal, however, not only memories of writing the story of this cacilheiro. Even today, there are many tourists that they pass there, with bags and maps, looking for a ticket to Lisbon…

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