Restaurant Mary of the Sea: it Is necessary to have the tin!

In the land of the sea, there is a restaurant that pays homage to the fishing tradition away from traditional fresh fish on the grill is always a nice surprise.

The Mary of the Sea, in Portimão, is a breath of fresh air exactly because it makes use of the same raw material, but eliminates the use of the grid and coal, and still get a menu with more than 300 options.
This is a restaurant and store of preserves dedicated to the flavours of the sea canned, where more than the usual tuna in olive oil, or sardines in a spicy tomato, you get the local products of excellence to bring to the table the best that the sea offers. The muxama of tuna, produced in the Algarve there are more than two thousand years, and that, according to legend, to have been one of the legacies dining left by the Phoenicians, it is one of the stars of the menu and one of the most sought after by those looking to take home a souvenir of the recipes typical of the south. It is not easy, if not impossible, to find in supermarkets and traditional, maybe that’s why, is one of the many appetizers the best rated in the region. In the estate of Mary of the Sea, incidentally, is pretty much everything that does not exist in the large surfaces, with the great advantage of being able to prove in the preserves there, with a holding basket of bread flavored with garlic and olive oil, tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and cilantro or parsley in rama, and a glass of wine or a beer to accompany. The equation is simple: walking through the shelves, select favorites, between the fillets of mackerel, the tiborna of sardines, the enclosed, the chaputa and is expected to land on the plate in the version of snack. The price of each can, if the idea is to eat on site, in addition the price of €2,5.
By 15 October, the Mary of the Sea is one of the 165 restaurants included in the Route of the Snack – Land of Arad 2017, that covers the four counties of the basin of the Arade (Portimão, Monchique, Silves and Lagoa) to promote the gastronomy of the region and the sharing at the table. At home in one of the establishments acceding will be a snack in the spotlight, with a fixed price of €3, with drink included.
In the Maria of the Sea, the highlight is the Wrap of the Sea, with mackerel and vegetables, prefect for a late afternoon two.

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