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Restaurant Mesa de Lemos: Minimalist, but full of flavors!

In the restaurant Mesa de Lemos, in the Quinta de Lemos, in the Give, the chef Diogo Rocha likes rituals. Each meal always has a: Is the of fresh towels with the water of the river that runs nearby, is the burn rosemary to provide a context to the room and guests to the region where he was born and chose to install. He also likes the flavours refined, simple dishes and presentations, nurtured, achieving, with the last menu, achieved, already, one of the highest points of his career as a cook, explaining each dish that he serves to be one of the winners of the Golden Fork of the Guide Good Bed Good Table 2017.

The new “Menu Table Read Spring – Summer 2017”, with three options, is filled with simplicity. Minimalistic in the choice of ingredients, and in the form of the present in the letter, can with a dedicated and young team present at the table throughout a Portugal of flavors. Harmonised, all the dishes, perfectly with the wines are made with the requirement, of the grapes of the vines that transform the landscape from the phenomenal room, designed by the architect Carvalho Araújo in a key ingredient.

The most complete of the three options proposed by Diogo Rocha is the “Menu of the Head”. Includes, “in The Algarve – seafood”, “Seafood – the octopus”, “The Azores – the cherne” and, by opening an exception to one of the products that the chief use the most, comes “Iceland – the cod”, which is justified by the ancestral tradition of national consumption. There is still, in the letter, “The Sleepy – Kid”, “Resende – the cherry” and, “of The city of Viseu – the garden”. This menu has the price of €120, plus €45 if you want the full experience of the harmonisation of wines.

The “Menu Read”five times, crosses the “Menu of the Head”, but replaces the entry for the proposed “Wood – Passion fruit”. Costs €75, €25 with wine. The “Menu Table Read” has only three stages. Begins with “Trás-os-Montes – the Bísaro”, passes by the “Iceland – the cod” and ends with “Resende – the cherry”. Costs €35, with €15 to add wine.

The First Rosé

Is called Manuela the first rosé wine of the Quinta de Lemos, recently presented on the Berlengas archipelago. The Manuela Rose 2015 (€25,90), pays once again tribute to one of the women of the family de Lemos. It gets to the market accompanied by new crops Dona Paulette 2015 (€25,90), Alfrocheiro 2012 (€18), Jaen 2012 (€18) and Touriga Nacional 2012 (€20). Being that the reds have been the hallmark of the Quinta de Lemos, and after the success of the first white, Mrs. Paulette, this new Manuela Rose is surprised by the aromatic notes and by the volume and structure which presents in the mouth, contrary to the concept of rosé, social, fresh and light.

The Quinta de Lemos was born in the mid 90’s by the hand of Celso de Lemos. Lies in the valley of the Give, hidden in an altitude of 340m, where the 25 hectares of vineyards and 3000 olive trees. All the years the Quinta de Lemos presents two or three “blends” that, in homage to the family ancestors, are baptized with names of the family; and four wines are mono-varietals in different castes Jaen, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro.

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