Restaurant Peter Lemon: 22 places and an audacious experiment

Opened in may of 2017, in the vicinity of the Garden of São Lázaro, in the Port, away from the “hustle and bustle”. And has collected accolades, quietly… With just 22 seats, the Restaurant Peter Lemon only serves dinner (from 19: 30) and a tasting menu that costs €37, outside drinks. The kitchen is open, the environment intimate and the meals are trips filled with good times.

At the helm of the project is the chef and owner, Peter Lemon, a native of Viana do Castelo but already with 20 years of cidade Invicta (invincible City. The Restaurant Peter Lemon is an upgrade of the old Peter Lemon – the Workshop of the Kitchen, which worked in the area of the Virtues. The concept is similar: master the basics of the kitchen and serve up the technique and presentation to create a “different experience” to the table, explains the chef.

In the previous menu, you could find yourself proposed as a chicken reinvented, a soup Suzette (a form of crepe Suzette), and the recovery of parts less noble of proteins, such as the sames cod and the sangacho tuna. The new menu, which begins with bread, olive oil, and the various aromas of butter, it is especially “a feast of the techniques and products used throughout the year.

The First impression, or Amuse Bouche, a ceviche of shrimp, bisque frothy, made with the husks and tile and coriander, in a “play to begin to hone the palate”. The following is a hot Soup of beetroot, egg the 68 with the aromas of sheep cheese, and white truffle, decorating with a crispy pickle beet.

Opens the way for the tuna Tartar marinated in miso and smoked with almond milk foam and green sauce. Then, the dish more “weird, bold and iconic”: Fricassé of the ear (orelheira) smoked porkwith mushrooms and a wafer risotto and garlic burnt and the mushrooms. “It is based on a traditional recipe from Porto, made with hand cow, but we use the ear. Raises questions, but then leaves the people rendered”, says Peter Lemon.

Impose, now, a Pause, to drink the Shot of mandarin, chilli and gin. Back-if, however, the fish with an Octopus Pilpil, grain and coriander… and, to end the savory, returns to the flesh, with the Titty bullock guisada, mashed hemp, turnip confit, asparagus and other vegetables of the season. Twists dining to surprise and “shuffle” a bit the experience in the Restaurant Peter Lemon (Rua Morgado Mateus, 49, Porto, portugal. Tel. 966 454 599).

For dessert, a Soup of tomato and celery with meringue yuzu and remember the tapiocas sweets made by the father and grandmother of the head, is served Tapioca with orange flower water, whipped cream mint and tile of cocoa and cinnamon. The Restaurant Peter Lemon closed on Sunday and Monday. Must make a reservation.

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