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Restaurant Quanjude: The real Peking duck is multiplied by three

Opened its doors in Beijing in 1864 as the host of the best roast duck in China, and has grown to become one of the representatives more worthy of the culinary traditions of china.

There is something of a month, the restaurant Quanjude parked in Lisbon, where he arrived to ruin everything that we thought to know about the culinary heritage of china.
The flag of the “best Peking duck” is used for other chinese restaurants in the city, and is no lie there is out there some misunderstanding in the matter, but the meal as to what happened to the table of a restaurant quanjude, forgive us the competition is unlikely to take the opponent to the height.

First an introduction: in spite of the star of the menu have source in Beijing, the more than 90 pages of the menu of the restaurant Quanjude insist on the cuisine of the province of Sichuan, hidden somewhere in the southwest of China and known by the climate unpleasantly humid and the cuisine spicy. Very spicy. Therefore, the pair of the duck, which does not enter in this championship, there is a sea bass braised able to make you cry the bravest of diners – it was not the case, that we are people who can withstand a good fight. The fish comes to the table whole, huge, with the root of the lotus, spinach, and vegetables used for the broth. Will being broken to the extent of the service, and there is nothing against desfiá it directly with the chopsticks to bring to the mouth. We know that it is so that take place the meals of the family in China: table full, the bites here, bites there, passes me then the green tea, and take there the vinegar, put me around a mouthful of rice. The turntable on the table makes it very easy to access.

Now the duck in Peking, it follows a protocol: extends the crepe, cover with the sauce, over the top layer of the skin, then the meat and, in the end, the sticks of chives and cucumber. There are those who only eat the skin dipped in acúçar and those who prefer the leftovers fried in pepper sauce. In China, the duck, like the pig here, take advantage up to the bone and the goal is that an exemplary rate for the three dishes: a roast, a soup, and the minced, which may or may not contain offal. 2.6 kg duck, gives to do much of anything, sure, but what we see here garden the absurdity of the multiplication. Before going to the oven is surgically excavated to just get a thin layer of flesh just under the skin, but before all of that there are more than 24 hours of preparation. You know, the recipe: cut the duck under the wings so as not to spoil the shape, clean up and bleeds for 8 hours under hot water and leave to dry with the help of fans for 12 hours. Covers the skin with a sugar syrup and honey and recheia with celery, onion, carrot and spices. Bake it in the oven for 70 minutes with wood of olive tree that not only burn longer but also more aromatic and the one that makes less smoke.

A whole duck, with soup, duck, and tofu, and pieces of duck in black pepper, is €49,90. You can request a half-portion for half the price.

The table of the restaurant Quanjude (the Street North Pole, 1.06 21, Park of Nations, lisbon. Tel. 967 160 008) include if these and the other stories of traditional chinese cuisine and bury myths such as the one of the chop suey to be a dish very typical of the country. Are for explain the wrestling masks mexican embroidered on the uniforms of the team room.

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