Restaurant Room Cut-off: goodbye and until a new address

It was certain and known that to eat meat matured in Lisbon, one of the destinations obvious was the number 28 from Rua da Ribeira Nova, in the restaurant Room of the Court. It was also guaranteed that knife in your hand would be Luís Gaspar, Chief Cook of the Year 2017, who led the team and was preparing the best cuts of meat, displayed in the showcase at the entrance. Was, past tense imperfect, because the Cutting Room will close its doors on the day of 31 December.

The idea underlying the previous paragraph is reason of panic for the true connoisseurs of good meats of Lisbon and the surrounding area. But quiet, because the restaurant Cutting Room closes doors, but will re-open, without a date, (probably still in the spring of 2018), with a room enlarged, with greater capacity and at full Praça Dom Luís I, one of the most beautiful area of the Pier of the City.

In the new space, the only difference you will find is in the size of the room. At the entrance, will remain the camera of maturation (with multiple pieces of meat) and the bar, and the kitchen will remain open to the living room. On the menu will keep the classics, but there is now space for innovations, always at the back of the concept “steakhouse” that brought fame to the restaurant Cutting Room.

To end a year in large to the restaurant Cutting Room , and to Luis Gaspar, has prepared a special menu that revisits some of the classics of the restaurant and that you have already hinted at some of the innovations of the “new house”. This “Menu of new Year’s eve” includes “Croquette of veal, shitake and foie gras”, “Brioche of black pork chorizo, tomato and coriander”, “Tartar of veal, shrimp from the coast and celery” and “Egg, mushrooms, asparagus and sausage”.

To end 2017, the restaurant Cutting Room presents “Special Meat with soufflé of white asparagus and truffle, rice, creamy tomato, sausage of blood and pea pie”, “lemon Pie merengada ice-cream lemond curd and lemon thyme” and still “Chocolate, pistachio and raspberry”. Of course, being a night of celebration, the dinner includes “Wine Pairing”, Flute of champagne and Raisins and have a value of €120. All bookings must be made for the 910 014 798, and you can choose to start the meal at 19h00, 19h30 to 22h00 or 22h30.

Then say goodbye to the year that ends and to the room that will house the Josper and the aroma unmistakable of the meat in the roaster.

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