Restaurant Stage: The scenarios gastronomic Arnaldo Azevedo

Located in the Hotel Teatro, in Oporto, the restaurant Stage is led by the young chef Arnaldo Azevedo.

In 2016, the restaurant won the Golden Fork, assigned by the guide “Boa cama Boa Mesa”. “The kitchen of the Arnaldo Azevedo breathes youth. -Conjugations amazing, but above all the respect for the raw material quality. Varied but consistent grants special privilege to the sea, well reflected in the various fish and shellfish of the charter. For those who have lived always among the pots – when the head was born the parents were working in the recovery – the roots of the traditional Portuguese cuisine is essential and is evident in the best showcase of this stage: the tasting menus, which remained ever since, with ingredients of choice and they’re going to wearing new clothing each season,” writes the justification of any prize awarded.

With three menus available for dinner: Fallen Leaves (€38), Almeida Garrett (€52) and Stage (€69), three, five and six times, respectively, the restaurant’s kitchen Stage serves the author as a “norway Lobster, foie gras, trompetas”, in the entries, “sea Bass, mussels, sea urchins”, in the fish, and “Pigeon Royal, beet, cantarelos, gnocchis of potatoes”, in meat. For each menu, you can request its harmonisation with wine.

Another great bet Arnaldo Azevedo are the menus for lunch, with weekly changes, which provide other scenarios as dining, the prices modest, the one who walks through the historical centre of Porto. So, until Thursday, December 8, will be able to taste, for a start, “red Mullet, squid of the coast, and broth of smoked pork” or “creamy Rice ox tail, São Jorge cheese and mushrooms”, followed by “Hake hook, xerém, shrimp and seaweed marinated” or, if you prefer meat, “Pig, parsley root, cabbage, brussels and red wine sauce”. The lunch menu, which costs €20 and includes a drink (from the suggestions of the restaurant), is also a dessert that can either be “Mango, orange and carrots in different textures, such as a “Selection of fruits”.

As referred to in the guide Good Bed Good Table: “At lunch, the space wears more relaxed with the menu to reflect this informality. When the show is good, the audience applauds standing.”

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