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Restaurant the ground Floor of the Prado: Portuguese Cuisine with a twist african

The training in mathematics, the discipline that he taught, at times, in Cape Verde, is the domain need John Carmona in the accounts to present at the end of each meal. Never fails!

Out of this gift, I wanted the destination and the passion for cooking that would explore the Floor of the Prado, a restaurant in Bucelas, a village in the municipality of Loures called “the Capital of Arinto”. Better still: the space restore where the wines from the nearby cellar Floor of the Prado are a uniqueness.

In addition to the wines, on the restaurant Floor of the Prado (Rua Almirante Gago Coutinho, in the town of Bucelas. Tel. 936 457 259) you will find a Portuguese cuisine with a twist of african. Who guarantees is John Carmona that, four years ago, and keeps to the front of this house a privileged view of the huge vineyard, part of the Demarcated Region of Bucelas

Of the room to the kitchen, the leadership is in the hands of Soraia Lima, a cape verdean, and responsible for the african influence in the food of the Floor of the Prado, to which, in the mouth, the flavors are no longer so monotonous, such as the Samosas rabbit (€1,80) or the Croquettes angry bull served in welcome.

On the menu, the highlight goes to the famous “Fatiota rabbit on the barbecue”, served for two people (€19,50). That is, rabbit boneless that, instead of going to the oven, was brought to the grid by the hands of John Carmona. Inspired by the rabbit dish of São Cristóvão, in Alentejo, improved choice of seasoning made with cilantro and garlic q. b. To keep track of, fries with the peel and the salad with walnuts and raisins, a duet combinations from tropical cuisine.

“For people who think that don’t like rabbit”, John Carmona decided to transpose to the menu of the restaurant of the same version, but this is made with chicken “created in the field, the open air,” he says. Also the €19,50, for two people.

Another of the dishes with many of the faithful fans is the cod Fillet to the Floor of the Prado (€13,50),with nabiças, bread, and grain, a trio that never disappoint. The menu offers still, for two people, Roast of the angry bull (€19,50).

In the end, Soraia Lima puts, again, the spoon, since the goat’s Cheese and served with a sweet White, dessert very requested by lovers of so peculiar caste Portuguese, until the Panna cotta with red fruits and a late harvest, without forgetting the Mousse mystique, a duet composed of chocolate mousse and mousse of lime or orange, and also pink pepper. All of these options cost €3,80.

In brief, the wine list of the restaurant Floor of the Prado will tell you with references from other wine regions, notably Trás-os-Montes, Douro, Dão, Alentejo, and Algarve, in addition to the “mandatory” Region of Lisbon.

The restaurant Floor of the Prado closed Sunday dinner, Monday and Tuesday. The reservation is advised.

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