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Restaurant The Kitchen: Renewing tradition in Guimarães

António Loureiro has already passed through several kitchens, national and international many of them award-winning. In 2014 he was awarded Chef of the Year.

Today, and since last summer, is in the suThe Kitchen (Off of the Serralho, 4, Guimarães. Tel. 253 534 022) that wants to explore new approaches to the traditional gastronomy of the minho region, passing by the rich recipes of the national and giving you new ways of doing, to collate and present.

The boss António Loureiro has chosen the city of cot – which is also his hometown, Guimarães – to give birth to this lab that goes beyond the table, resulting in a modern kitchen, creative and sustainable, governed by the rhythm of the seasons.

Simple, also in the space and decoration, is an elegant, – room-story that houses the creations of Antonio Loureiro. The chief looks through a wall of windows, from your kitchen, observable also from the table. Everything is, therefore, to the view.

To follow the letter of the restaurant The Kitchen, also the selection vinous highlights the Minho and the Douro, without forgetting the other national regions.

Tradition of innovation
On the first floor of this house is rebuilt it is even possible to observe the slow growth of vegetables, herbs and other ingredients, in an urban garden installed on the walls of the pleasant terrace which gives a new dimension and use of space, at the same time that serves of base to the Kitchen.

Also on this floor, a private room with a capacity for ten people and opens the group dinners, workshops, tastings and other activities and gastronomic vínicas supported by a kitchen preparation.

All of this happens in a large very central, right in the heart of Guimarães.

Let’s go to the table? Garden of Minho (€7), Capoeira (€7,50) or Mackerel (€8) are good options of entry. Black cod (€20,50), Brill (€24) and Hake hook (€16,50). The following is the meat, with the right choices in the Duck (€16,50) or Lamb (€17,50). Do not forget to taste the desserts, the Fruit of the backyard (€7) to the Abbot of regional egg (€8), passing through the Chila (€8), all offer more than the name gives the form.

A tasting menu of 5 times (€50) is a good showcase for the flavors of “tradition of innovation” with the signature of António Loureiro.

At lunch, during the week, the executive menu offers a market cuisine, which includes two options of entry, dish and dessert for a maximum of €20.

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