Restaurant The Mix: there is a new light in the lighthouse

There are places that carry us to the dreams. For the space and the surroundings. There are places that make us feel good because they are cozy, like the Lighthouse Hotel (Av. King Umberto II of Italy, 7, Cascais. Tel. 214 823 490), a 5-star boutique hotel that not only dazzles more because the scale of wonder only goes up to the level of “immensely”.

The time asked for the beer and glass of the end of the day, with the orange of the setting sun and the “sea-there-so-close” to as companies. The dinner in The Mix, one of the two restaurants (the other, Sushi Desing is… sushi) the hotel was being prepared by chef Ricardo God, young in the algarve Portimão, which has gone by several hotels of the Pestana group before settling in Cascais. I knew early on that his destination would be the kitchen. Has learned from the good and wanted to be better. Ricardo God is the new head of the house and wants to take away from the light of your “lighthouse”. The dynamism of the kitchen is one of the new bets.

The latest proposal named “Creative Cuisine” is the menu dedicated to hunting, available until next Wednesday (December 13), composed of “Bag of partridge with sauteed vegetables with rosemary and garlic purée black smoked” (€12) or “the Cream of chestnuts with olive oil trufado and sour cream of mint” (€6), in the entries, and for “Rice malandrinho with hare, plums of Elvas and crispy prosciutto” (€21), or “Leg of wild boar, apples whisky, creamy coriander and carrot glaceada, mushrooms roasted with thyme” (€26) or “Risotto of wild asparagus, tubers and other delights” (€19), in the main dishes. To close this suggestion of the time, the suggestion is to “Sericaia pudding, mousse, cinnamon, pickle of Granny Smith, sauce of tarragon and reduction of Moscatel” (12).

Before, already Ricardo God had given the knowledge of the principles of their work. The dinner table was next to the window and the endless view of the sea. There is no way not to see the sea at the Lighthouse Hotel, and still well. The tasting (€50 without wine) was made and served for the occasion, but there will always be the same proposals, since the idea is to serve weekly menus of creative cuisine, the “Weekly Creative Cuisine” as he calls the hotel, which is renewed every Friday.

Two entries,, fish dish, meat, and two desserts, that can appear in the following week, in the following month or never again, where are the “Scallops marinated in citrus and pepper espalette”, the “Streak baked in a caper butter with rice malandrinho, cebolo grilled and tomato confit” and “Loin of suckling pig with pineapple smoked, creamy carrot and orange-and-potato chip-sweet”. Amazing!

If the world had ended at the end of the day in the sun with your feet almost dipped in the sea had just as well. If the world had ended at the sea, the sea of Cascais on the way to the Winch, he had just serene. That day, at least, had just serene.

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