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Restaurant The Shepherdess: Classic renovated between piano notes

Dropped connections religious, explanation for the description of the restaurant The Shepherdess can only come… from the football?! This… Was the nickname of a former star of the Estoril who strive in the field, seemed to “eat the grass”, account, who knows.

That player turned out to open a restaurant with the name of The Shepherdess in Monte Estoril. In the years 80, it installs next to the beach of Carcavelos. In 2000 it expanded and, six years later, suffers a fire, then being rebuilt. Since march of 2017, which belongs to the Group SANA, that continues to enhance. Gone are the lamps and the ceiling old and amesendação heavy. Absorbed the lightness of the ocean, which fills the entire window pane. On the outside, a nice terrace for the warmer days.

In the second half of the TWENTIETH century, a number of luxury restaurants on the waterfront, such as the Monaco and The Shepherdess, enter in the roadmap of the elites. Even without the dance, The Shepherdess cativava with your piano – which still animates the evenings and the lunch end of the week, and the friendly and attentive service to the English, with the dish mounted to the front of the client and a stand to display the fish of the day and the desserts. There is even a service Voiturier, to not have to worry about the parking.

Start the meal with toasted bread with butter, paté de marisco (€7,50), Azeitão cheese or goat cheese fresh with olive oil and oregano (€6,50). Proceed with the freshness of natural oysters (€3/unit), clams bulhão Pato (€19) or the shrimp in garlic (€16). There was an increased bet on live seafood, such as shrimp-Thorn, the lobster (€105/kg) and lobster (€130/kg). At the time, is the chip (€150/kg), crayfish of our coast (€195/kg) and the crabs in the real Alaska (€145/kg).

Strange would be if the letter of the restaurant The Shepherdess (Avenida Marginal, Praia de Carcavelos. Tel. 214580492) was not dominated by the sea… Consider the fresh fish on the grill, such as the turbot, grouper, bream, halibut and sea bass scaled. In rice, the highlight for seafood rice husked and the fish rice with prawns (€23). Not to be missed, specialties with fish salt and fish in the bread, in which the piece is wrapped in a dough and cooked in the oven, on its moisture. Highlight to the charter of sparkling wines, champagnes, Port wines, white wines and red wines from various regions. Ask for the reference Divai (serves by the glass), produced for the Group SANA in the Alentejo.

The more you eat, in The Shepherdess guard-always room for the sinful dessert cart. Income-if the puddings of eggs, sericaias with plums from Elvas, and the bread-cake with sweet egg… The chef João Almeida, who knows the corners of the house, you know the recipe for perdition. Thank the many families who come here for decades, noting important dates and “teaching” the space for the new generations. The restaurant, The Shepherdess does not close, working every day between 11h00 and 23h00.

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